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Okay, Two HUGE Originals now on eBay.....

Hi everyone!

Thank you ALL for coming out to see me at the Celebration Art Festival this weekend! It was my most successful show to date, and we had a fantastic time. You guys really helped make it a wonderful experiece - and I'll definitely be back next year! I sold almost every single painting I brought to the show (wow!), but I do have three left for you guys! So for today - I have the two enormous original paintings now on eBay - "Loup-Garou: La Forêt" and "Daydreaming Koi Mermaid". Now I'd better hurry up and paint more, because my walls are just about bare, hehe!

The first original painting is called "Loup-Garou: La Forêt." One of my best, and at 51"x38" she is one of my largest I've ever offered. I'm very proud of her. A continuation of my "Loup-Garou" (French for Werewolf) series inspired by my artist retreat in France last year (and the year before that too, hehe). A heavily Rococo influenced painting of a beautiful girl (a vampire? a werewolf?) and her Wolf companion. The name of this one is "Loup-Garou: La Forêt" (La Forêt means "the Forest"). I LOVE this painting so much! There is a phenomenal amount of detail in this painting, I am very proud of it (and it took me forever to paint, hehe). She was even selected for judging at the Celebration Spring Art Festival. And guess what - it is FRAMED! Yes, you get the FRAME too - and it is gorgeous! Framed by my wonderful husband, Matt. This frame is really something special - the frame measures 51" high by 38" wide, and is made from wood and framing foam composite, with an antique gold finish - lavishly ornate and highly detailed. This is the most beautiful frame I've had in my possession so far! It is about 4" thick, and very wide - at the top the ornamentation is a whopping 18"! I also posted it with a photo of myself holding it, to show size & scale. She is an original acrylic painting on masonite. She is up in my eBay store below (she is gorgeous!) PLEASE NOTE - if you have your eye on her, buy her now, because in a few days I'll be at my other studio 1250 miles away from her. So grab her now if you'd like her!

"Loup-Garou: La Forêt" ORIGINAL PAINTING 51"x38" Framed

The second original painting is my beautiful "Daydreaming Koi Mermaid" - she is another HUGE one (I think the largest painting I've ever offered) - 54"x30" in size, framed. She is currently hanging over my bed and she totally "makes" the whole room - I will miss her when she's gone! She is my favourite mermaid to date. A tranquil scene, she floats lazily by - half submerged in the clear water - river rocks below her, beautiful koi fish swimming at her sides. There is a fantastic dimension to this piece, it can totally turn a boring room into a tropical mermaid paradise with the feel of cool running water and beautiful splashing fish. FRAMED! Yes, you get the FRAME too - and it is gorgeous! She is an original arcrylic painting on a 48"x24" masonite panel. I posted a ton of photos & details of her in the listing below. She is in my eBay store, but again - PLEASE NOTE - if you want her, buy her now, because in a couple of days I'll be 1250 miles away in my other studio!!! Click below to see....


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Enjoy! I'm back to painting on the Fourth of July and the Mother's Day Holiday Flags for the Bradford group.......
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