Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New Loup-Garou Rococo Wolf painting & HUNDREDS of DOGTAGS

Hi everyone!

I have the latest installment in my "Loup-Garou" series of paintings - just finished her in the wee hours this morning, and she is the BEST Loup-Garou so far! She's coming with me to the Celebration Art Show, so the original isn't available yet, but prints of her up now & on sale from only $9.99! In addition I have HUNDREDS OF NEW DOGTAGS. Yes, hundreds. I've been busy. Each design I've ever made is now replenished and available in addition to four NEW designs (and they are gorgeous). These sell quickly, and some you've never seen before, so grab them if you can!

First comes the next new painting! One of my best I'm very proud of her. A continuation of my "Loup-Garou" (French for Werewolf) series inspired by my artist retreat in France last year (and the year before that too, hehe). A heavily Rococo influenced painting of a beautiful girl (a vampire? a werewolf?) and her Wolf companion. The name of this one is "Loup-Garou: La Forêt" (La Forêt means "the Forest"). I LOVE this painting so much! A tremendous amount of detail in this one! The original painting itself will be at the Celebration Spring Art Festival (it's acrylic on masonite in a glorious frame almost as tall as I am!), so it's not available for sale at this time. But lucky for you - I went ahead and made advance PRINTS for you online folks who aren't able to attend the show, and they are on sale and available right now - see below.... this is a picture of the original that Matt just framed - click on the auction links to see it clearly and with details - there's a lot going on in this one:

"Loup-Garou: La Forêt" print 8.4"x10" - $9.99 SALE

& "Loup-Garou: La Forêt" print BIG 12.75"x14.8" - $20 SALE


To see ALL of my sale prints (there are some gorgeous ones up there right now!), click HERE!

For more about the Celebration Art Festival (April 4th & 5th here in my hometown of Celebration, Florida - free admission!) - visit my Appearances page HERE!

Okay..... now for the Dogtag/ID Necklaces! Hundreds of them! Some NEW ones too this time - Rose Fairy/Holly Angel, A Tomb in the Swamp/ Alchemy Angel, Mermaid with Cephalopods/An Assortment of Octopus & Squid, Pumpkin Pixie/Out Trick-or-Treating. Also I've re-stocked ALL (yes all thirty-odd designs) of my other dogtags as well, so check them all out! These are double-sided metal pendants, complete with chain, featuring gorgeous reproductions of some of my most popular paintings. All up on Etsy! At only $11.99 each, they are a bargain - you can even put several tags on the same chain to carry your collection of artwork around with you. Again - they are double-sided, so they feature a different painting on each side - very cool! Since Etsy is a site for artists to sell their handmade goods, that's where I put my more "crafty" stuff when I have it. Etsy is FREE to register, it only takes less than a minute, and is even easier to use than eBay (everything is a fixed price, you just buy it and checkout!). Some of these are selling already, so they may go fast. I apologize if some are sold out If you guys like these, I will definitely make more!! To see ALL the dogtag necklaces, click below:


Hundreds of Jasmine's Dogtags - CLICK HERE!

If that doesn't work in your browser, go to: http://strangeling.etsy.com And click on the "Dog/ID Tag Art Necklaces" section link near the top right of the page.

To skip to the new never-before-on-Etsy ones, click the links below:

Rose Fairy/Holly Angel Dogtag

& A Tomb in the Swamp/ Alchemy Angel Dogtag

& Mermaid with Cephalopods/An Assortment of Octopus & Squid Dogtag

& Pumpkin Pixie/Out Trick-or-Treating Dogtag

Back to painting I go! This one has a carousel in it and it's a giant triptych.

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