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EARRINGS - Yes, Earrings - New Jasmine Earrings - also NEW PAINTING - Nautilus Princess......

Hi everyone!

Great news, everybody! First off, a new painting I did last night ("Nautilus Princess"!). Secondly - very exciting - I'm pleased to introduce my new EARRINGS! Yes, gorgeous little earrings I make myself, featuring my paintings. Some of you got the sneak preview at MegaCon of them (and cleaned me out, hehe). But now for the first time I'm making them available for sale online. They are beautiful!

Jasmine's Etsy Shop

Firstly - the new painting - "Nautilus Princess"! Perhaps it's the mystery of their perfect "golden" spiral shape, but I'm fascinated with Nautilus shells, and love to paint the. "Nautilus Princess" features a beautiful girl (a mermaid perhaps?) with rich red-auburn hair cascading down, and she is clutching a beautiful nautilus shell. It's a striking, somber painting and I'm very proud of her. The original painting itself will be at the Celebration Spring Art Festival, so she's not available for sale at this time. But lucky for you - I went ahead and made advance PRINTS for you online folks who aren't able to attnend the show, and they are on sale and available right now! They're another unique size - 16" high and 8" wide (I'm digging this format lately for some reason). On sale for only $20:

Nautilus Princess Prints on SALE

Next up - the EARRINGS! These are a NEW type of item from me! These are GORGEOUS and so neat, I love them so much. Finally after many requests, I've given in and made some earrings! They're made of metal (aluminum), with a shiny scalloped edge - the dangle pendant/image itself is about 1.25" (3cm) high and just under an inch wide. They are lightweight - maybe bout .05" thick. These are very special, because they feature my artwork!! Yes, you get both - a matching pair of two earrings. A beautiful way to bring my paintings along with you! I am indeed the original artist of the artwork itself, and I have also hand-made these earrings myself. Each is a lovely piece of artwork, indeed! VERY LIGHTWEIGHT, they won't hang too heavy or drag your earlobes. They hang from a simply hook that closes in the back so you won't lose them! Not too huge, but quite large enough to show the image with a good clarity and colour. These are VERY DURABLE. The image is dyed & heatset INTO the aluminum metal itself. There is NO GLUE or decoupage involved, NO PAPER, NO DECAL, NO PLASTIC - water resistant, UV resistant & very sturdy.

Since these are hand-made items, I am selling them through my etsy shop! Etsy is an online marketplace that features only handcrafted items, from the artists themselves. Not unlike eBay, but easier to buy things from and it does not use a "bidding/auction" system - you just buy what you want, immediately, and it is yours - no waiting around. Just like eBay, you can pay with Paypal, credit card, check or money order. It is very easy, hassle free, and of course free to sign up - in order to buy the earrings you'll just have to do a quick register here:


It is quick, easy, doesn't require any thought, secure, no personal info needed, and takes less than a minute, so hop to it! You'll thank yourself - www.etsy.com is a fantastic place with thousands of arts & crafters. Whenever I feel like arts & crafts or other unusual products, you will see them in my etsy store, so sign up now ;)

To see ALL the earrings (I've listed 65 pairs of of them, and they will probably sell out fast, so you might want to be quick if you want to see them!), click below:

Jasmine's NEW EARRINGS Section - CLICK Here!

Some pictures are already down to just one pair left, so the sooner the better! I don't know when I'll next have time to make more. Scroll through the pages at the bottom - there are a couple of pages worth at least!

Actually, you might want to "bookmark" or "favourite place" that link above - that is where I will periodically put up new earrings when I get a chance to make some more!

If the above link doesn't work (it may or may not, depending if your email service truncates the links) - then just visit my etsy shop below and click on the "Earrings" link on your upper right hand side there:



Until next time...

Back to painting I go!

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