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Two New Original Paintings! Rapunzel in Rococo, Bradford Holiday Flag - Christmas art........

Hi everyone!

I have TWO new paintings to show you tonight! One is a very special original painting I did on commission for an upcoming Bradford Exchange project (I can't sell prints, but I can luckily sell the original painting!) and the other is an AWESOME new huge fairytale painting - "Rapunzel in Rococo". She's coming with me to the Celebration Art Show, so the original isn't up online for sale, BUT I do have the gorgeous 18.5" prints of her up now & on sale!

All righty - the first new original painting! A little background first - this was commissioned by the Bradford Group for my upcoming collection of Holiday Flags! You know, those neat decorative flags people hang outside their houses at different times of the year. Or inside. I'm doing a collection for them, and the first holiday I've done for the project is Christmas. Hehe - so that's why you're seeing a Christmas painting from me so early this year - it's for an upcoming project! Due to licensing reasons, I'm not able to offer prints of her, but I am able to sell the original painting itself, so one of you lucky collectors will be the only one to have her! Until the holiday flags come out that is, hehe. This is the actual artwork that will appear on the flag, and she is an acrylic painting on cradled masonite (2" thick and READY TO HANG!). I'm calling her "Christmas Holiday Fairy" (makes sense!). She is a CUTIE - a little fairy-angel - ready for Christmas, sitting in the snow under a tree, atop a present! Adorable! Again - I will not be able to offer prints of this one, so if you want her - be sure to get your bid in! Otherwise, you can always wait for the holiday flags - I will definitely let you all know when they're ready! More holidays will be coming soon.... "Christmas Holiday Fairy" is up on eBay for a 10-day auction ending the evening of Friday, March 27th at 6:30PM Central Time. She's starting at ONE PENNY with no reserve, to give everybody a fair chance! Visit the link below to see her:

Christmas Holiday Fairy ORIGINAL PAINTING

Okay! Now here comes the next new painting! This one is extra cool, I'm very proud of her. "Rapunzel in Rococo" is her name! I've painted a few Rapunzel paintings over the past dozen years, but not in the past couple of them. SO I thought it was about time! The original as I said will be at the art show, so she's not available for sale at this time. She's huge - over three feet high, acrylics on masonite. But lucky for you - I went ahead and made advance PRINTS for you online folks who aren't able to attnend the show, and they are on sale and available right now! Rapunzel is shown int a tall tower with a muted French country landscape behind her. The window is impossibly ornate in proper Rococo style, and her hair cascades impossibly long down the length of the painting. It's a very cool painting, vertical in orientation - the prints only come in one unique size - a whopping 18.5" high and 6" wide, and are simply gorgeous. They're on eBay for only $20!

"Rapunzel in Rococo" print 18.5"x6" - $20 SALE

I have been working very hard getting my art together for my upcoming show at the Celebration Art Festival. Like "Rapunzel in Rococo," many of my new paintings this month will be taken to the art show rather than going up on eBay. However - some I will be offering advance sale prints of before the show on eBay! So even if you can't come see the originals you'll get to see the prints at least!
For more about the Celebration Art Festival (April 4th & 5th here in my hometown of Celebration, Florida - free admission!) - visit my Appearances page below:

Jasmine's upcoming Art Shows!

Until next time...

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