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Gorgeous new painting - "Daydreaming Koi Mermaid" - sales prints & canvas - new CILM Pack.....

Hi everyone!

I just finished a huge (over 4 feet wide) mermaid painting - and she is the best mermaid I've painted so far! I'm in love with her! She's coming with me to the Celebration Art Festival, but guess what? I went ahead and put PRINTS of her up on sale! And if you order before my 25% off sale ends tomorrow night, you can even snag a CANVAS print of her on sale (only $93.75!) I also have a new CILM Graphics Pack (pack "BB")!!

I have been working very hard getting my art together for my upcoming show at the Celebration Art Festival. Many of my new paintings this month will be taken to the art show rather than going up on eBay. However - some I will be offering advance sale prints of before the show on eBay! So even if you can't come see the originals you'll get to see the prints at least!
For more about the Celebration Art Festival (April 4th & 5th here in my hometown of Celebration, Florida - free admission!) - visit my Appearances page below:

Jasmine at the Celebration Spring Art Festival Info

Also - head's up - my 25% OFF EVERYTHING SALE up on eBay ends tomorrow night (Monday) at 11:00PM Pacific Time! Everything in my eBay store is 25% off, I only do this a couple of times a year, so if you want something - grab it quick! Visit my eBay store below to browse through the goodies.....

Jasmine's eBay Store is 25% OFF!

Okay! Now first comes the new painting! The original as I said will be at the art show, so she's not available for sale at this time. She's huge - over four feet wide, acrylics on wood. But lucky for you - PRINTS and CANVAS PRINTS are all on sale and available right now! Her name is "Daydreaming Koi Mermaid" and she is my favourite mermaid to date. A tranquil scene, she floats lazily by - half submerged in the clear water - river rocks below her, beautiful koi fish swimming at her sides. You gotta see her - click below for auctions & close-up detail shots!

Daydreaming Koi Mermaid print 10.75"x5.5" - $9.99 SALE

& Daydreaming Koi Mermaid print 18.75"x9.5" - $20 SALE

And YES - the Lt. Ed. Hand Embellished Canvas Prints of "Daydreaming Koi Mermaid" are now available for purchase! I went ahead and listed them right away so you can all get the 25% off sale price!

Daydreaming Koi Mermaid LT ED CANVAS PRINT 16.5"x8.5" - $93.75 SALE!

To see any available originals, just visit my Original Paintings section of my store here:

Jasmine's Original Paintings!

Next up - a new CILM Pack! The new package is Package "BB" features some of my best & most popular paintings, Butterflies in Gloom, Sewer Mermaid, Princess with a Himalayan Cat, Snow Angels & MORE!

Click HERE to see the fabulous new "Package BB"!

and click HERE to see the new "Combo Pack" option

And CLICK HERE to see all my other packs (dozens and dozens of the)

For ANY questions regarding usage of my images as tubes or tags, this is handled by CILM (not by me myself) - you can contact them here:

customerhelp@creativeimagelicensing.com or call them: Customer Service Number Call (toll-free in the USA): 1-877-264-2456

I'd better go back to painting - I've got a show to do! =)

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