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New steampunk "Alice in Absinthe" ORIGINAL PAINTING Triptych, Lela Original Painting, new PORTHOLES.

Hi everyone!

We had a FANTASTIC show at MegaCon! Thank you to ALL of you who came out to see me - it was our best MegaCon ever. You guys are awesome! I couldn't even begin to list all you online friends & fans who dropped by, so thank you ALL! It was our best MegaCon so far, both in terms of sales and in fun, so you can bet we'll be here next year!

Today we've been catching up on orders & emails & other art/business stuff that piled up while we were at MegaCon. It kinda sucks since today is...... our 12th Anniversary! Yes, 12 years - can you believe it? So all we've done is work today =P It's okay though, because we're going on a quick vacation down to Mexico shortly to go celebrate - a little belated, but I gotta plan my life around art shows, lol. Tonight we'll probably get a couple hours of quality time at least =P

Now for the art spam! I have great stuff tonight!

I have TWO ORIGINAL paintings for you on eay, a brand new GIANT original wood Triptych painting in my Steampunk/Alice in Wonderland series called "Alice in Absinthe" as well as "Lela" my framed original Rainforest fairy book ilustration - she's up for just ONE PENNY now on eBay! In addition I have three new Mermaid Portholes all framed and ready to hang - each of them starting at a penny as well!

To see all of my currently available ORIGINALS together, just click below:

ALL Jasmine's Originals Now Available!

Or individually, the new ones........

The first new original painting - "Alice in Absinthe" - one of my BEST EVER, and also one of my BIGGEST - a wood "triptych" style painting! Those of you who came and saw me at MegaCon undoubtedly saw her this weekend - but for the rest of you she is brand new! Also a head's up - this painting will be appearing on the back cover of "Gothic Beauty" magazine coming out shortly, so she will be widely known. This is the 22nd painting in my very popular "Alice in Wonderland" series, part of my Steampunk Alice subset. I love this painting - a combination of absinthe/phantasmagoria theming with Neo-Victorian inspired Steampunk and Clockwork elements, with of course Alice in Wonderland storylines tangled all throughout. I painted this on a magnificent triptych/altarpiece style wooden panel (my husband/assistant Matty cut the wood & created the framing for me) all in acrylic paints, with metallic paints on the wood trim & moulding. It is quite large, at 30" high and 24" wide. The glowing absinthe contrasts beautifully with the brass and copper gears and clockwork imagery - the center panel almost feels as if it is filling up with the liquid. Absinthe spoons, the Caterpillar and his hookah, the grinning Cheshire Cat, Alice herself, mushrooms and tea-sets - all twist in and out of the glooms and glows to create a painting that is almost as fun to look at as it was for me to paint!! FRAMED! Yes, you get the FRAME too - and it is gorgeous! Framed by my wonderful husband, Matt who cut the wood and the wood mouldings for the panel. The posh look of the painting, it's quite striking in person and can be the focus of any room. She is up for sale on eBay - at a fixed price in my eBay store will she will remain until purchased or else she's coming with me to the Celebration Spring Art Festival. So if you want her, grab her now while you can!

"Alice in Absinthe" ORIGINAL PAINTING - 30"x24"

The second original painting - "Lela"! Starting at only ONE PENNY and already framed! An illustration for an upcoming book of short stories (she'll be published too!), here is "Lela" - a portrait of one of the characters. She is somewhat of an artist, living in a rain forest - beautiful flowers, frogs and other brightly coloured snippets of nature fill her life. A beautiful girl too, with big lovely eyes and a tropical waterfall in the distance. FRAMED! Yes, you get the FRAME too - and it is gorgeous! Framed by my wonderful husband, Matt. Again - this is the original painting, on a masonite panel and it has been framed in an open wood "distressed" frame! The distressed / weathered wood frame really suits the tropical/rainforest feel of this piece, it's quite striking in person and can be the focus of any room. I have finished this piece with a glossy varnish and it looks amazing! This piece is 100% ready to hang on your wall. Framed she measures 18" high by 15" wide - large and vibrant - and is up for sale on eBay - a ten day auction starting at ONE PENNY with no reserve - ending on the evening of Thursday, March 12th 6:09 PM Central Time - yes - a framed painting stating at only penny (I very rarely do this!) - you can see her here:


Next up! Three new "Mermaid Portholes" - this time featuring my lovely "Sea Turtle Mermaid," "Koi Pond Mermaid" and "Porthole Mermaid"! A fantastic new product - my series of magical "Mermaid Portholes" - truly like having undersea porthole windows to a beautiful ocean world! READY TO HANG! This is a reproduction of my original acrylic painting on a 8" round MDF panel. I can't stress how gorgeous these are! Glossy almost like glass, the colours are vibrant! The "porthole" frame is VERY LIGHTWEIGHT - it is NOT METAL (it is a cast resin-foam composite) and there is NO GLASS, so you can hang it easily on any wall without worry or exra braces - there's a wire hanger on the back already. Not at all heavy as it looks, I promise! It is a high gloss permanent image (it is a heat-set dyed PERMANENT reproduction on a wood/MDF panel) set into the 12" porthole frame. All in all it is 12"x12" and quite thick - 2" - all a one-piece frame (no, it doesn't open, sorry!). Perfect for a fantasy themed room, or a nautical/marine look, or also great in a bathroom or boat!! I plan on making more of these - they would look great lined up or in a grouping (like you're on a boat or in a submarine!). Again - you really should see all the photos in the auctions below to see what I mean - they're neat! Each is up on eBay starting at just one penny with no reserve for 10-Day auctions ending the afternoon/evening of Thursday, March 12th between 6:00 - 6:06 PM Central Time. You can see them below:

"Sea Turtle Mermaid" Mermaid Porthole

& "Koi Pond Mermaid" Mermaid Porthole

& "Porthole Mermaid" Mermaid Porthole

Enjoy! I'm off to go catch up on some work and then hopefully have a little anniversary dinner with Matty or something =)
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