Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
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As usual...

Guess what I'm doing?

.....yep! I'm painting =)

I'm working on my Vampire commission again - I should be done with her tonight (unless I encounter any big distractions).

Some guy came to my door today with what looked like a bottle of shampoo with no label on it. I kept the glass door locked between us (since Matt was in the shower, lol) and he just kinda blinked at me. I asked, "Well, what is it?". He said "I'm from the apartment above you. Would you like to buy some of this?". I said, "Well, what is it?" (again). And he said "It's Cleaning Product". (It's Cleaning Product? WTF?). I said, "NO." and I closed and locked the door. It was very odd. He didn't have but one bottle on him, with no sorts of order forms or boxes or anything. He didn't stop at any of the other apartments either (I watched him after he left). I don't think that he lives in the apartment above us. One of the apartments above us has a middle-aged couple, and the other apartment above us has about six guys in their 20s and one girl(?). This guy who came to the door was about my age and definitely white (the folks above us are black). Maybe they got a new roommate. Weird.

Speaking of the guys who live above us - they CONSTANTLY are smoking pot. I don't really care about that, but they do it with all of their windows open (I get a buzz just checking the mailbox, lol) and play REALLY LOUD MUSIC at the same time. And... the guy who lives above them is a cop! Lol, I'm glad I'm moving =)

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