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New Loup-Garou Wolf ORIGINAL Painting, New CILM Pack & New Canvases....

Hi everyone!

I have a wonderful new FRAMED "Loup-Garou" painting for you, a brand new "CILM" Pack for you, and also a bunch of new #1 Canvas Prints (hand embellished, limited edition) up for only a penny on eBay - Beauty and the Beast, Princess with a Royal Frog, Butterflies in My Hair, Cheshire Cat Cuddle & Baby Red Dragon!

First the new original painting! "Loup-Garou: Le Portrait" - 19"x23" framed oval & ready-to-hang! The third installment in my "Loup-Garou" (French for Werewolf) series of paintings. For the past couple of years I've done an artists retreat in France and I've gotten a lot of inspiration from them. My Loup-Garou paintings all have French theme to them - this one is a traditional Rococo style oval portrait with a beautiful big eyed girl and her wolf! I think it's actually a werewolf and she is either another werewolf or perhaps even a Vampire? At any rate, the two share a quiet moment together. Yes, you get the FRAME too - and it is beautiful! Framed by my wonderful husband, Matt. It is an original acrylic painting on an oval canvas (20"x16" in size) and it has been framed in a classic oval frame, very lovely! She is 100% ready-to-hang - just stick her up on a nail on the wall, and you are good to go! She is up in my eBay store at a fixed price where she will remain until purchased (otherwise I'll take her with me to MegaCon with me in a couple weeks, so grab her if you want her!) - you can see her below....

Click HERE to see my new "Loup-Garou: Le Portrait" FRAMED ORIGINAL

To see any other available originals, (some particularly good ones in there right now) just visit my Original Paintings section of my store here - Jasmine's ORIGINAL Paintings!

Now for the new #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas prints - each is hand embellished by me in acrylic paints on sheet of canvas, signed & numbered - the first of each edition #01 out of 25. Each is up on eBay starting at just ONE penny with no reserve - the afternoon of Sunday February 15th 6:00PM - 6:15PM Central Time - you can see them below:

Click HERE to see all the new #01 Hand Painted Lt. Ed. CANVAS Prints!

or individually....

"Princess with a Royal Frog" 8x10 #01 CANVAS PRINT

& "Butterflies in My Hair" 8x10 #01 CANVAS PRINT

& "Cheshire Cat Cuddle" 8x10 #01 CANVAS PRINT

& "Baby Red Dragon" 11x14 #01 CANVAS PRINT

& "Beauty and the Beast" 11x14 #01 CANVAS PRINT

Next I have a new CILM Graphics Pack - lots of great stuff in this one! Also - as I mentioned last time, CILM has now made ALL packs (old & new) in the handy 6-pack size - this means not only are they much cheaper, but also you can be more selective picky about the images you want.

The new package is Package "AA" (they've got to start over in the alphabet again, hehe) features some of my best & most popular paintings - Mechanical Angel 1 and 2, Winged Seer, Mermaid Eclipse & MORE! Click below to see the fabulous new "Package AA":

CLICK HERE for Jasmine's New CILM Pack "AA"

and click HERE to see the new "Combo Pack" option!

and to see all of my other CILM packs individually (again, now all in the 6-image size - yay!) - CLICK HERE!

If you're not familiar with online graphics as a hobby - you might want to look into it. It's a FUN way to spend time doing something creative, without the whole "having to paint something yourself" part, hehe. You get to create your own designs and graphics on the computer using my paintings, officially and with my blessing. For ANY questions regarding usage of my images as tubes or tags, this is handled by CILM (not by me myself) - you can contact them here: customerhelp@creativeimagelicensing.com

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