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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New Alice in Wonderland - Cheshire Cat Cuddle ORIGINAL Painting, and new #01 Canvases!

Hi everyone!

Jillianne, Bradley & Ruthie went home early this morning. We had a great visit with them here!

Kachina & the kids are still here having fun for awhile longer =)

Squeezed in some painting time! Today I have a new framed ORIGINAL "Alice in Wonderland" painting for you - "Cheshire Cat Cuddle" - so cute! Also I have several new #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas prints available for auction too - each starting at just ONE PENNY!

The new original painting - "Cheshire Cat Cuddle"! Part of my ever popular Alice in Wonderland series, here we have a quiet, more personal scene of Alice cuddling the Cheshire Cat almost as if he were a normal kitten. He looks pretty cuddly to me, but surely there is a glint of mischief in those eyes.... and that GRIN! She is an original acrylic painting and is on an 8"x10" masonite panel, and FRAMED in a lovely ornate gold frame that measures 14"x16" in size. You can see her here:

"Cheshire Cat Cuddle" ORIGINAL PAINTING

To see all of my currently available ORIGINALS, just click below. Also remember - you are always MORE than welcome to use eBay's "Make Offer" option to send me your best offer if the asking price is out of your budget! I never get insulted, even if you bid a dollar, hehe. And I always consider all offers!:


Now for the new #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas prints - each is hand embellished by me in acrylic paints on sheet of canvas, signed & numbered - the first of each edition #01 out of 25. Each is up on eBay starting at just ONE penny with no reserve - the afternoon of Wednesday January 28th, 3:46PM- 3:499PM Central Time - you can see them below:

Click HERE to see all the new #01 Canvases!

or individually:

"Fairy with Dried Flowers" #01 CANVAS PRINT

& "Mechanical Angel II" #01 CANVAS PRINT

& "Red Hibiscus Fairy" #01 CANVAS PRINT

& "Loup-Garou: Pastorale" #01 CANVAS PRINT


Until next time...
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