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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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lalalala [Feb. 26th, 2003|02:57 pm]
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
I've been working on some commissions today - I don't have the webcam pointed - the velcro on the bottom of it is falling off and I need to replace it before I can move it around! I've already packed most of my sewing stuff, but I think I know where it is....

Matt ought to be home in an hour or so - then we are going to Kachina's house. I'm bringing over the Universal Studios promo video for Chi to watch - she and James are coming to visit us the last week of April and we want to go to Universal with them (and of course, Disney World and the beach!).

I put up my EBSQ+ listing on eBay last night and it already has a bid - hurrah! I still like starting my auctions at a penny instead of $100 for the minimum bid, but it's nice to get a little validation now and again =)

I have some other paintings I might try to get up on eBay tomorrow. I should have my commissions (or at least one of them) done tomorrow night or Friday and then I'm going to work on some brand new paintings. I've got the basic layout for at least one Alice in Wonderland painting - "Alice and the Caterpillar". It's going to be a larger painting - a 14"x18" at least (kind of a companion piece to my "Alice and the Birds" painting). I'm also thinking about doing some more Fruit-themed faeries along the lines of my "Faerie with Strawberries" painting I did yesterday. I've been looking at photos of blueberries and blackberries and grapes and things...

I'm very hungry for fresh fruit. There is certainly a dearth of it around there in February. I like all fruit, but I get bored sometimes with apples and oranges. I prefer BERRIES, and peaches, apricots & plums.