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Faceless Ghosts - New ORIGINAL Painting, Portholes, #01 Canvas prints, SALE prints, etc...

Hi everyone!

Tonight I have a brand new original painting to show you, a new Japanese/Ghost themed piece called "Faceless Ghosts"! I also have TWO brand new Mermaid Portholes - a "Sea Storm" Porthole and a "Sewer Mermaid" Porthole! In addition I have several new #01 Canvas Prints starting at a penny, as well as SALE prints for "Red Hibiscus Fairy"! Whew!

The new painting - "Faceless Ghosts." This one is a little creepy! A few months back I visited Japan (had an awesome time!) and it really left an indelible mark on me, especially my creative side. They have a fascinating history of beliefs, stories, mythologies - many involving spirits, yokai, and ghosts! There is creature called a Noppera-bō (faceless ghost) who is sometimes depicted as using Japanese "Noh Masks" to hide their blank faces. Noh Masks are already a little creepy (if you ask me!) - but very cool, I was able to see some particularly lovely ones on my trip. Here I've painted a lovely maiden in the woods with two faceless ghosts beside her. Is she some sort of spirit herself? Who can say? She measures 20" tall by 16" wide, an original acrylic painting on a cradled masonite panel - 2" thick - gallery style - this is READY TO HANG - no frame necessary, just stick it up on wall (Matt's already added a hanger!). She is up for auction on eBay starting at just ONE PENNY for a 7-day auction ending on the evening of Tuesday January 13th, 6:44PM Central Time, and you can see her here:


To see all of my currently available ORIGINAL paintings, click below:


Next up! TWO new framed portholes! One is a Mermaid Porthole featuring my "Sea Storm" and the other is "Sewer Mermaid". READY TO HANG! Each is a reproduction of my original acrylic painting on an 8" round MDF panel in a 12" round porthole frame. Both are gorgeous, you need to see the photos. Check out the auction descriptions for more details! Each is up on eBay starting at just one penny with no reserve for 7-Day auctions ending the evening of Monday, January 12th at 6:00 PM and 6:03 PM Central Time. You can see them below:

"Sewer Mermaid" NEW Mermaid Porthole


"Sea Storm" NEW Mermaid Porthole

Next are the new #01 Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas prints up for auction! Each is hand embellished by me, signed & numbered #01 out of 25. Here is your chance to scoop up the very first one - #01/25 of each edition. Each is starting at ONE PENNY, with no reserve for seven-day auctions ending on the evening of Sunday January 11th, 6:24PM - 6:32PM Central Time.

Or individually:

"Red Butterfly Ferrets" 11x14" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

"Siamese Witch Twins" 11x14" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

"Lady with a Bosch Egg" 11x14" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

Now for the SALE prints - to see ALL of my current sale prints (suggested!), visit the SALE section of my store here: Jasmine's SALE Prints!

and to see the "Red Hibiscus Fairy" 8x10 SALE $9.99 prints, click HERE!

and to see the "Red Hibiscus Fairy" 12x16 SALE $20 prints, click HERE!

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