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HUGE Strangeling.com update, New CAMEOS, ACEOS & Sale Art from Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Hi everyone!

Good news, everybody - I have just completed HUGE website update at http://www.strangeling.com - over 30 new prints! Only the galleries have been updated - I know I still need to update the fans/tattoos/merchandise/books sections, but for now I only had time to update the galleries. ALL of my new prints are up there now - even paintings I just completed! In addition today I have some new ACEO cards, a couple of SALE prints, and a TON of brand new Cameo necklaces!

Please note - those using AOL and other browsers may need to clear your browser's cache to see the updated changes on the website!

Yes, http://www.strangeling.com has been UPDATED with new artwork! Tons of new artwork can be found in the galleries here:


And yes - all print & canvas print orders placed through www.strangeling.com still get FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world!

Next up - the new ACEO cards! Each is 2.5"x3.5" in size on a hand painted (acrylic embellishments painted by me, signed & numbered 1/1 - only one will ever be made!) sheet of canvas in the standard ACEO size. These are truly one of a kind, and are up on eBay for 7 day auctions starting at just ONE PENNY with no reserve, ending on the evening of Monday December 15th, 6:00PM - 6:06PM Central Time. You can see them all together here:

Click HERE to see all the new ACEO Cards!

or individually, click the links below:

Mermaid Eclipse ACEO


& Candy Cane Angel ACEO

Now, the new Cameos! These are a BRAND NEW type of cameo from me! I've never sold this style on Etsy before. These are actually the same style of cameo necklaces that I sell at my conventions and art shows - so those of you who buy them in person will recognize them. As the setting has been discontinued, I thought I'd put my current stock of them up here on Etsy to sell them all. Again - these will be the last (of this particular setting - don't worry, there will be plenty more other cameos and necklaces in the future) - so if you want one, grab it now! These differ from my usual cameos because they are in a slick SHINY silvery setting. 1.5"x2" in size. Not antiqued, these are very SHINY - silver tone - quite nice. Also the acrylic cabochon covering the cameo is 40mmx30mm, and these are a flatter, lower profile cameo than my other large ones (these are NOT the "domed" style cabochons, but rather a flatter, with just a slight rise for magnification). Also - these cameos come with a FREE 18" SILVER TONED CHAIN (not the ribbons that go with my other ones).

To see all the Cameo necklaces directly, click HERE

or if that link doesn't work in your browser, just go to http://strangeling.etsy.com and click on the Art Cameo Pendants link at the upper right hand corner.

Original paintings! I have several original paintings up for auction on eBay - these are all the actual originals not prints of any kind. To see all of my original paintings currently available, click below:

Jasmine's Originals

Next up - this week's SALE prints - I now have sale prints of "Candy Cane Angel" and "Siamese Witch Twins" up on eBay for only $9.99!

"Candy Cane Angel" SALE Prints - only $9.99

& "Siamese Witch Twins" SALE Prints - only $9.99

Enjoy! I will update soon with some brand new original paintings, and some exciting new products as well.........

Until next time...

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