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New Original Drawing, Framed Panels, Porthole, Dogtags, CILM, etc. from Jasmine........

Hi everyone!

We're back in Florida now - happy to be home. =) We had a great time at Strangeling Studios North (hehe), but I love my warm weather! It feels so good to have the windows open all night without freezing in the winter.

I've been working on some exciting commissioned work, but I've managed to find time to do some other fun stuff - actually I have a lot of great stuff for you tonight! Still plenty of time to ship out before the holidays, too! Tonight I have a new ORIGINAL Drawing in the 4x6 OSWOA size for you tonight - "Holly Angel" - as well as a "Porthole Mermaid" Mermaid Porthole (starting at a penny), some gorgeous Framed Wood Panels for my "Marie Masquerade" and "Violet Duchess" Paintings (with amazing ornate gold leaf on wood frame), and also a new CILM Graphics Pack! I also have a few NEW dogtags (a new style featuring my Last Leaves and Pale Rose images!).

Now - due to popular demand - the lovely original drawing in the OSWOA™ size (4"x6") for my "Holly Angel"! This is an ORIGINAL DRAWING, not a print of any kind. She is pencil & charcoals on toned parchment cardstock, is 4"x6" and is absolutely beautiful. She is up on eBay for a 7day auction ending Saturday, December 13th at 6:03 PM Central Time You can see her below:

"Holly Angel Drawing" ORIGINAL DRAWING

To see all of my current ORIGINAL pieces, drawings and paintings - got some GREAT new paintings up now -click below:

All Jasmine's Originals!

Next I have another of my "Mermaid Portholes" - this time featuring my lovely "Porthole Mermaid". A fantastic new product - from a series of magical "Mermaid Portholes" - truly like having undersea porthole windows to a beautiful ocean world! READY TO HANG! This is a reproduction of my original acrylic painting on a 8" round MDF panel. It features my "Porhole Mermaid" - a beautiful big eyed mermaid with a lot of tropical fish friends, peering out of her porthole! I can't stress how gorgeous this is! Glossy almost like glass, the colours are vibrant! All in all it is 12"x12" and quite thick - 2" - all a one-piece lightweight cast resin/foam composite frame. Again - you really should see all the photos in the auction below to see what I mean - she's neat! She's up on eBay starting at just one penny with no reserve for a 7-Day auction ending the evening of Saturday, December 13th at 6:00 PM Central Time. You can see her below:

"Porthole Mermaid" a magical Mermaid Porthole

Next up - the new Framed Wood Panels! I've been working with Matt in his workshop, and we've developed another fantastic new product. Here we have some GORGEOUS framed wood/mdf panels featuring my paintings "Marie Masquerade" and also some of my "Violet Duchess!" READY TO HANG! If the original paintings were out of your budget, these are a fantastic option, down to the ornate wooden frame. Each is a reproduction of my original acrylic painting on an 8"x10" high gloss MDF panel. These really are gorgeous. Glossy almost like glass, the colours are vibrant! The perfect way to bring "Marie Masquerade" or "The Violet Duchess" into your home. Each frame is beautiful, very posh looking, all wood, antique style with carved floral details and deep gold leaf that really goes well with the picture. Each is a high gloss permanent image (NOT a decal and NOT any sort of decoupage or paper print, it is a heat-set dyed PERMANENT reproduction on a wood/MDF panel) set into the 11"x13" frame. These are so lovely - I have two of each of them, so if you want one - go grab one now - they are up in my eBay store at a fixed price (only $200 which is a bargain for a pretty piece of art on wood with such a beautiful frame - way less than you'd pay at your local frameshop, lol!). These would also make stunning GIFTS for people (hint, hint, holidays are coming!). Check ther out in my eBay store below:

"Marie Masquerade" Framed Wood Panels - ready to hang!


"The Violet Duchess" Framed Wood Panels - ready to hang!

Next up - I have a new CILM online graphics package!!! This is "Package Y" - a variety of lovely paintings of mine in digital form for you online image/graphics hobbyists. There are even some holiday ones in there for you too! Again, these are DIGITAL online graphics for those of you who are into that kind of thing =) They are sold and licensed through CILM, Creative Image Licensing and Management. If you have questions, just contact CILM using the forms on the sites below. To see the new package Y, click below:

Jasmine's CILM Package "Y"

Click HERE to see the new COMBO pack featuring all of my packs so far together

and Click HERE to see any of the packs so far individually

And finally - the new Dogtag design featuring my "Last Leaves" paired with "Pale Rose" - CLICK HERE!

To see ALL of my currently available Dogtag Necklaces, click below or visit http://strangeling.etsy.com and click on Dogtags.

Jasmine's Currently Available Dogtag Necklaces

Enjoy! Back to painting (and website updating....) I go.......
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