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New DOGTAG NECKLACES, also Red Butterfly Ferrets & Mermaid Eclipse SALE prints!

Hi everyone! Still swamped with boxes, about halfway through them now (added to the mess by adding some more shelves, filing cabinets, chairs, two more computer desks bought at Office Max yesterday - as if we didn't have enough of that stuff, hehe!). Sorry for the short posts - I should have a more proper update soon - for now I'm just copying my art update mailing list here for those of you who are interested:

I'm back!!! Well, right now I'm in my new secondary studio in Kansas City at least. For those who missed the last update - we have built a second home/studio/shipping center up north by our families. No, we're not moving from Florida, we'll just be up here every few weeks, and with two studio centers there will be a much smoother transition for you guys! We're coming along nicely, and now have the secondary printing & shipping center ready to go. Still getting the art studio side setup, but that should be ready this weekend so I should have new paintings for you soon! All orders placed during the setup (past couple of days) will be processed and shipped asap. We're ready & running for new orders too - and you're in luck - today I have a TON of new "Dogtag" Necklaces for sale! In addition I have "Mermaid Eclipse" and "Red Butterfly Ferrets" up as this week's SALE prints!

First up - my eBay store, Etsy store, and website are all up and running as usual now! Feel free to check them out and order as usual, sorry they were on hiatus these past few days. I have several original paintings up on eBay for sale - I have put the "Make Offer" option on all those applicable - feel free to make me your best offer if any are out of your price range. I'm never insulted and consider every offer seriously =) To see the originals currenly available, click below:

Click HERE to see Jasmine's Currently Available Originals!

Next up - the Dogtag necklaces! Some NEW ones too this time - Poe/Mechanical Angel I, Violet Duchess / Loup Garou Noir, Dress of Storms/Mildew, Queen Elizabeth and an Ermine/ Elizabeth with a Lion, and Red Butterfly Ferrets/Winged Ferret. Also I've re-stocked many of my other dogtags as well, so check them all out! These are double-sided metal pendants, complete with chain, featuring gorgeous reproductions of some of my most popular paintings. All up on Etsy! At only $11.99 each, they are a bargain - you can even put several tags on the same chain to carry your collection of artwork around with you. Again - they are double-sided, so they feature a different painting on each side - very cool! Since Etsy is a site for artists to sell their handmade goods, that's where I put my more "crafty" stuff when I have it. Etsy is FREE to register, it only takes less than a minute, and is even easier to use than eBay (everything is a fixed price, you just buy it and checkout!). Some of these are selling already, so they may go fast. I apologize if some are sold out If you guys like these, I will definitely make more!! To see ALL the dogtag necklaces, click below:

Click HERE to see ALL Jasmine's new dogtag necklaces!

If that doesn't work in your browser, try going to:


And click on the "Dog/ID Tag Art Necklaces" section link near the top right of the page.

Next up - yes I have new SALE prints! This week the sale prints are "Red Butterfly Ferrets" and "Mermaid Eclipse". Click below to see ALL this week's sale prints:

Click HERE to ses this week's SALE Prints!

And individually - Mermaid Eclipse 8"x10"s for only $9.99 & the BIG Mermaid Eclipse 12"x16"s for only $20

Red Butterfly Ferrets 8"x10"s for only $9.99 & the BIG Red Butterfly Ferrets 12"x16"s for only $20

Enjoy! I should have my painting studio completed tomorrow or the next day, with new paintings to show you!

Until next time...
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