Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Back online

We made it, and are back online! Brrrr, it is cold here. I'm so spoiled by usually being in Florida, it hurts to come up north, hehe. Can't talk much now, we are very much in the middle of setting up the studio - house is FULL of boxes that need to be unpacked and furniture put together, etc. Good news is that we're now ready to process & ship orders at least (you can BET that was the first thing we got ready, hehe). So - my eBay store is back up & running HERE and my Etsy Shop is back up and running here! And strangeling.com is of course up and running HERE. We're doing orders & emails right now, so those of you with recent orders/payments will get your confirmations & orders shipped right away =) And we're ready to start on new ones, hehe - so feel free to go buy stuff!

The cats were good in the van, Azrael meowed a bit, but they were very cozy and good. They're loving the "new" house, we got them a similar "cat condo" big climbing/scratching thing just like they have in our Florida house, so that hopefully makes them feel more at home. Overall they are good travelling kities, which is lucky since they'll probably be doing this same trek several times a year.

Haven't yet gotten to see family yet, aren't going to be able to do anything but unpack and set up the studio probably for another day or two at least. I have some new artwork too to post shortly, just gotta dig out the new scanner and cameras and stuff - probably tomorrow =) I'll post soon!
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