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New Ferret Painting, New DOGTAGS, New FRAMED Marie Masquerade Wood Panels, etc.....

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!

Exciting news today! I have a new original FERRET painting, "Red Butterfly Ferrets," and due to the enthusiastic response, I have NEW metal "dogtag"/ID style pendants (lots of them, but they sell out fast!). In addition, I have yet another brand new product for you all - these are VERY cool - Framed Wood Panels of "Marie Masquerade" - wood reproductions that are framed in GORGEOUS ornate wood frames - you'll have to see them!

"Red Butterfly Ferrets" is a big 20"x16" original painting - acrylics on a cradled gallery-style masonite panel - READY-TO-HANG - also this is a charity auction (10% of all proceeds) - a fundraiser for the Broward Ferret Rescue here in Florida. I think this is the 10th painting I've done in my "Ferrets" series over the past four years. As you probably know, I love ferrets. I've known so many of them, and I do think they might be magical beasties. Here I've shown a big eyed beautiful fairy girl trying to keep a handle on TWO winged ferrets. Just think how much trouble they would get into if they could fly, lol! The bright reds and deep blacks in this painting really contrast nicely with the subtle, natural colours of the animals and the autumn landscape. She is up for sale on eBay - a ten day auction starting at ONE PENNY with no reserve - ending on the afternoon/evening of Monday, November 17th at 7:04 PM Central Time you can see her here - click the little picture to see the whole thing with details:

Click HERE to see my new "Red Butterfly Ferrets" ORIGINAL PAINTING!

To see any other currently available original paintings (got a new mermaid up there too!), click below:

Jasmine's Original Paintings!

Next up - the new Framed Wood Panels! I've been working with Matt in his workshop, and we've developed another fantastic new product. Here we have a GORGEOUS framed wood/mdf panel featuring my "Marie Masquerade!" READY TO HANG! This is a reproduction of my original acrylic painting on an 8"x10" high gloss MDF panel. I can't stress how gorgeous this is! Glossy almost like glass, the colours are vibrant! The perfect way to bring "Marie Masquerade" into your home. The frame is beautiful, very posh looking, all wood, antique style with carved floral details and deep gold leaf that really goes well with the picture. It is a high gloss permanent image (NOT a decal and NOT any sort of decoupage or paper print, it is a heat-set dyed PERMANENT reproduction on a wood/MDF panel) set into the 11"x13" frame. These are so lovely - we've made two of them, and they are up in my eBay store at a fixed price (only $200 which is a bargain for a pretty piece of art on wood with such a beautiful frame - way less than you'd pay at your local frameshop, lol!). These would also make stunning GIFTS for people (hint, hint, holidays are coming!). Check her out in my eBay store here:

Click HERE to see Jasmine's NEW Framed Wood Panels!

And now - for the NEW NECKLACES! Since these sold out so fast, I just had to make more! Lots of designs - Alice in Clockwork/Alice in the Pool of Tears, A Ferret and His Fairy/Two Fae Ferrets, Absinthe (extra cool!), Spiders and Skulls/Fishnets and Flowers, Mermaid Eclipse/Koi Pond Mermaid, La Sirena/Angel de los Muertos, A Beautiful Rat, Wicked Witch and Her Flying Monkey, Skulls and Stars, Each is a 2"x1.25" metal (aluminum) pendant featuring my artwork on BOTH SIDES! These are extremely durable - one solid piece, the image is permanently heat-set into the aluminum tag itself, no glue or decoupage, these can be worn every day - Matt even wears his in the shower so I can attest that they are very water-safe too! Each comes with a standard 30" silvery ball/bead chain (that you can also clip to size to fit you!). At only $11.99 each, they are a bargain - you can even put several tags on the same chain to carry your collection of artwork around with you. To see ALL the dogtag necklaces still left, click below: (again, these sell fast - even today the ones I just listed are already half gone, so I apologize if any or all are sold out already!)

Click HERE to see what's left of Jasmine's NEW Dogtag Necklaces!

If that doesn't work in your browser, try going to:


And click on the "Dog/ID Tag Art Necklaces" section link near the top right of the page.

Enjoy! I'm off to work on some exciting new concept art for a very cool licensing project, mwahaha.......
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