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I'm back! Had a great time! Lots of SALE PRINTS! =)

Hi everyone!

I'm back home in Florida! Hope everybody had a Happy Halloween, I sure did!

We flew up on Friday, which was Halloween and of course my nephew Theo's 5th birthday. We hung out at his house (with my sister Kachina & 3-year-old niece Ellie) all day - went to Pizza Street for lunch, hehe. That night was Theo's party - we gave him Mario Party - we had fun with that! We went around with the kids trick-or-treating - Theo was Spiderman (fake muscles and all!) and Ellie was Ariel, the Little Mermaid (complete with red wig!). They were adorable! Kachina made a ton of great food and had fun Halloween decorations and party favours & stuff.

That next day, we went to Matt's family's house - hung out with his mom, his sister Sarah and our niece Cielo. We took them to the T-Rex Cafe (it's funny, they just put one here at Disney too, so now I've been to both) - which was awesome. That night we went out with my sister Amber & her husband Chris, my mom & my stepdad for Mexican food, and then we went over to our new "little house" - everything is finished there just about, and it looks great! We're going to start shipping furniture and stuff now so we can make a duplicate of my art studio and our printshop there, so this way when we visit our "little house" in Kansas we can still keep the website, eBay stuff, and of course my paintings up and running =)

That Sunday my sisters, their families and Matt & I all went to hike some nature trails, ate at a fantastic new Indian restaurant, and then that night we went to my Dad's farm for their annual Halloween bonfire. Robin of course made a ton of food, we roasted vegetarian-hotdogs, corn, etc. Walked around on his land for awhile, had fun feeding the chickens, etc. My Grandma Griffith, Aunt Lisa, cousin Ariel, her friend Zach, Robin's family (Grandma Dale, Reed, Debbie, Matthew), Kachina, Amber, Ellie, Theo, Chris, Matt & I were all there. Probably even more people too, it was a big group!

Then this afternoon we flew home! A whirlwind weekend, with more food than anybody should rightfully eat in just three days, lol.

For the next day or two, Matt & I will be busy processing & shipping all the orders that came while we were gone, so if you placed an order this past weekend, it will ship out shortly. Great news, everybody! I have a bunch of my new prints are on SALE this week! "Poppy Fairy," "Winged Seer," "Sewer Mermaid," and "Pearl Swirl Mermaid" are all up on SALE!

Also if you are having any problems with links working in this email, etc. simply copy & paste the full link text into the URL field of your browser!

The easiest way to see all the sale prints is to just got the SALE section of my store below:

Jasmine's SALE ITEMS!

"Poppy Fairy," "Winged Seer," "Sewer Mermaid," and "Pearl Swirl Mermaid" are all up on sale - $9.99 for the 8x10s, and only $20 for the 12x16s. And as with all my eBay items, I'm happy to combine shipping - for example if you buy even twenty or thirty small prints and want First Class US shipping, it's ONLY $1.50 still! =)

"Poppy Fairy" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99 & "Poppy Fairy" 12"x16" SALE PRINT $20

"Winged Seer" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

"Sewer Mermaid" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99 & "Sewer Mermaid" 12"x16" SALE PRINT $20

"Pearl Swirl Mermaid" 8"x10" SALE PRINT $9.99 & "Pearl Swirl Mermaid" 12"x16" SALE PRINT $20

To see my currently available original paintings, just visit my Original Paintings section of my store here:

Jasmine's ORIGINAL Paintings!

Enjoy! Be on the lookout for new original paintings soon, too! As well as some new Wood Altarpieces and more MERMAID PORTHOLES! =)

Until next time...

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