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Autumn is My Last Chance, new #01 Canvases, etc.

Hi everyone!

Gah, the "refrigerator madness" continues. I'm so grumpy about that whole thing I'm going to write about it tomorrow instead =P

So, tonight you just get art news!

I have a new autumn themed ORIGINAL painting for you (ready-to-hang!) as well as a few new #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS Prints (for "Winged Seer," "Shinjuku Angel," and "Alice in the Pool of Tears") - all up for auction starting at one penny!!!!

The new original painting - "Autumn is My Last Chance"! A rather melancholy painting - autumn always strikes me as a bit of a melancholy time of year. A doe eyed faery creature wanders aimlessly through a desolate forest, clutching an apple in her pale hands. This piece looks even prettier in person with the subtle colurs nicely contrasting with the vibrant red of the apple - it truly can be the focus of any room. This is an ORIGINAL PAINTING - not a print of any kind! It is on GALLERY STYLE CRADLED MASONITE - Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! No frame needed! She is an original acrylic painting and is 12"x16" (masonite, ready-to-hang) and is up for sale on eBay - a ten day auction starting at ONE PENNY with no reserve - ending on the afternoon/evening of Sunday, November 2nd at 6:00 PM Central Time and you can see her here - click on this little close-up detail to see the whole painting:

"Autumn is My Last Chance" ORIGINAL PAINTING

To see all of my currently available ORIGINALS, just click below:

Jasmine's Originals!

Next my new #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS Prints! "Winged Seer," "Shinjuku Angel," and "Alice in the Pool of Tears"! Each is hand embellished in paint by me, little details added, signed & numbered - each of these is the first, #01 print of their edition - #01 out of 25. Here is your chance to scoop up the very first ones - each is starting at a penny, with no reserve for ten-day auctions ending on the afternoon/evening of Sunday, November 2nd at 4:22PM - 4:29 PM Central Time

Click HERE to see all of the #01 Canvases new today!

If that doesn't work, or to see them one at a time, just click on them individually with the links below:

"Winged Seer" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

& "Shinjuku Angel" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

& "Alice in the Pool of Tears" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

Bah. Now to walk through my CURSED kitchen and see what type of dinner I can fix using non-refrigerated foods.
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