Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Busy weekend.....refrigerators....rambling....drawings....Dexter....

Boringly busy though, not really fun busy =P

Still catching up on stuff that piled up while we were in Philly! Getting caught up though now, thank goodness. I want to paint! Got some drawing done at least. Also some stuff for various upcoming projects.

I've been looking through my Japan photos - I'll try to post some here soon! That was such a fun trip, I got a lot of great photos too - many paintings inspired by Japan are forthcoming!

This weekend has revolved a lot around household appliances =P

First off - our fridge here at home - at some point on Friday it stopped working. Long enough for ice to melt, but stuff was still pretty cold. We freaked out for a while (I had a ton of frozen stuff like from Whole Foods, www.vegieworld.com , etc. - and that really adds up!). But then we moved the fridge around a bit, Matt punched the side of it a few times, and then it started up again. Everything was back to normal for a day or so, but then it started warming up again today.

So Matt went back & under it to give it a good cleaning. Holy cow - it was STUFFED underneath with kittycat fur! I blame Mama Wolf:

She is a Maine Coon and is made up of 90% fur. There was enough fur down there to make a whole other Mama Wolf out of it, ewwww.

Now it's all clean, and it seems to be working normally! Cross your fingers for me! All without a loss of food too, thank goodness.

Then more on the appliances front - our new "vacation" (kinda) house we just built up in Kansas City - we ordered all the appliances for that. It's kinda fun to start from scratch like that, they'll all be new and they'll all match. We got them all black, too, I like black appliances. Ouch though - all that stuff adds up too =P The new house passed inspection too - YAY! They got the sewer stuff all built and everything too, thank goodness. (For those of you not in the loop, we built a little house up in Kansas so that when we are up visiting family we can have a duplicate art studio & printshop and place to live, thus not interrupting my art business/eBay/website sales in any way. We're not moving, hehe, we still are living in Florida - this is just a second home/art studio I can use when I'm up north, both my family & Matt's all live up in the midwest).

So I'm crossing my fingers that this refrigerator here at home doesn't conk out on us, because I refuse to buy two refrigerators in one week =P

Oh yes, two drawings (had to do SOME art this weekend, it can't all be orders & emails after all!):

A Beautiful Rat OSWOA™ Original Drawing


Golden Butterflies OSWOA™ Original Drawing

I'm excited that the new Dexter is on tonight! Yay! So far I'm loving season three. I like the direction it's going in. It's weird - I've read all of the Dexter books, so I have two completely distinct Dexter storylines in my head, as they have completely diverged (book vs. show). I like them both, but to be honest I actually like the TV show Dexter better than the Dexter books. Is that wrong? Lol - I usually am the type of person who prefers books to movies, but in this case the TV show is so great, I actually like it better than the books (even though I enjoy them a lot too). Anybody else with me?

Speaking of which, I'd better finish this stuff and go watch Dexter shortly, and then (gah) back to work!
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