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New Strangeling Framed Original Alice in Wonderland - Pool of Tears - and prints are ready too!

Hi everyone!

Been so busy catching up, but thought I'd post this before it's back to work for me! (Doing the boring side of artwork - paperwork/business stuff, ugh. It will lead to very good things though....)

Something very special for you today - a NEW original Alice in Wonderland painting featuring a brand new "Strangeling Frame" (it is so cool)! Also I have the new Alice ("Alice in the Pool of Tears") available as Canvas prints and open edition SALE prints of "Alice in the Pool of Tears" too, all right away!

"Alice in the Pool of Tears" is a beautiful, amazingly unique painting for you - a collaboration between myself (the artist) and my husband Matt (the framer/woodcrafter) which combines both 2-dimensional painted elements as well as 3-dimensional sculptural elements! Not only is it a stunning painting - it also has an ORIGINAL "Strangeling Frame"! The frame was handcrafted and hand-cast by myself & Matt - in fact the frame itself contains one of my 3-d wide eyed beauties (looking a bit like Alice herself!)! It is way too cool! You really have to see this one (link is below) to see what I mean. It has some little nautical ship details in the frame too! "Alice in the Pool of Tears" illustrates Alice - after becoming doubtful and disoriented - crying so many tears that it becomes a great sea. As in the book, a friendly mouse swims up - and a crab too! I've painted the piece in subtle, almost sepia-like tones which really gives it a stunning dreamlike quality. There is a phenomenal amount of detail in this piece, I'm very proud of it. It is READY TO HANG! 22"x19" in size, and it's gorgeous! It is an original acrylic painting on masonite and she is going up in my eBay store at a fixed price where she will remain until purchased. See her below - click on this little picture to see the whole thing & details:


To see any other original paintings of mine currently available, click below:

Jasmine's Originals

Now - if the original painting isn't quite in your budget, no worries - prints & canvas prints are available and on sale now!

The Lt. Ed. Hand Embellished Canvas Prints of "Alice in the Pool of Tears" can be found here:

Click HERE to see the Alice in the Pool of Tears" Lt. Ed. CANVAS Prints! - these are the next best thing!

And the open edition prints of "Alice in the Pool of Tears" are up and on sale!

The 8x10 "Alice in the Pool of Tears" print is only $9.99 HERE!

And the BIG 12x16 "Alice in the Pool of Tears" print is only $20 HERE

To see all of my currently available SALE prints (there are tons!) - click below:

Jasmine's SALE Prints!

Enjoy! Back to work I go....
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