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Pearl Swirl Mermaid - back from FaerieCon - TONS of new Sale Prints & CILM.....

Hi everyone!

I am back from my trip! Thank you all SO MUCH who came to see me at FaerieCon, we had an awesome time. A very successful show indeed, and lots of fun on top of that, hehe. We're now processing orders placed & paid for while I was gone at the show, and will get to emails not long thereafter. Tonight I have a brand new painting - "Pearl Swirl Mermaid" (thank you Lindsay for the title) for auction - this was the demonstration painting that I did "LIVE" at the FaerieCon show, so it is extra special. I also have a great new graphics package from CILM for you online image hobbyists, and I also have a ton of new SALE prints - a bunch of my latest - available for "Albino Alligator Angel," "The Scarlet Sofa," "Shinjuku Angel," "Off to See the Wizard," and "Butterflies in Gloom!" See below for more details.....

This new original painting is called "Pearl Swirl Mermaid." This is a very special painting because it is one that I painted "LIVE" at FaerieCon in Philadelphia last week - a demonstration painting I did at my art show booth. A BIG EYED mermaid with bubbles and pearl swims up to meet the viewer! It is on WOOD CRADLED MASONITE - Matt has added a hanger on the back, so it is READY TO HANG! No frame needed! Of course you can always add a frame if you want (it's only about .75" - 3/4 of an inch thick), but she looks awesome by herself too. I've painted the wooden sides a glossy black, so it looks pretty sharp. Those of you who came to FaerieCon got to see me paint the whole thing - that was pretty cool! It is painted in acrylics and measures 12"x16". She is up on eBay starting at just one penny with no reserve for a 7-Day auction ending the afternoon of Wednesday, October 22nd at 4:00 PM Central Time. You can see her below - this is just a little thumbnail sneak preview - click on her to see the whole painting:

"Pearl Swirl Mermaid" ORIGINAL PAINTING

To see any OTHER available originals, just visit my Original Paintings section of my store here - those that have not sold now all have the BEST OFFER option on them - feel free to make me an offer!:

Jasmine's ORIGINAL Paintings!

And to see all of this week's SALE prints (there are tons!!!), visit the sale section of my store here:


Or individually:

"Albino Alligator Angel" small print $9.99

& "Albino Alligator Angel" BIG print $20

"The Scarlet Sofa" small print $9.99

& "The Scarlet Sofa" BIG print $20

"Shinjuku Angel" small print $9.99

& "Shinjuku Angel" BIG print $20

"Off to See the Wizard" small print $9.99

& "Off to See the Wizard" BIG print $20

and finally "Butterflies in Gloom" small print $9.99

Now, GREAT news for those of you folks who are online image/graphics hobbyists - makers of tubes, signature tags, websets, members of the groups for PSP and other image/graphics groups. I have a brand NEW graphics package up at CILM! The new package (package "W") features some of my best & most popular paintings, including some HALLOWEEN ones! There are also the options up at CILM to buy a "Combo Pack" where you can get of my previous packages at a discounted sale price, as well as "Custom Packs" where you can piece together your OWN package, from the different images.

Click HERE to see the fabulous new "Package W"

and click HERE to see the new "Combo Pack" options

and click HERE here to see ALL of the dozens of packs available!

I'll be back tomorrow with more artwork....
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