Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Live from FaerieCon!

Just a quick note to everybody to let you know we made it to FaerieCon safe and sound! We're having an AWESOME time! More fun than last year, deinitely more SALES than last year too, hehe (as of yesterday we beat last year's record, and have a full day to go!). Yesterday I did my panel on urban faeries with J. Corsentino and Jessica Galbreth - that was fun, lol. They didn't provide us with a moderator so grabbed Steven (from Virtual Cards) to step in, and he was a good sport about it.

I've met tons of my online friends and fans, which is always one of the best things about doing public art shows! Matt & I have been having fun gobbling at all the vegetarian Asian restaurants here in downtown Philadelphia.

Today is the last day, and then pack-up/tear-down. Probably be back home in Florida by Wednesday. Probably turn the eBay store stuff back on tomorrow! I have new art of course - I've been painting at the convention as usual ;)

Better go get dressed (today I have a cute little top I made entirely out of fake grape leaves, with tiny artificial grape accents).

Oh yes - can't let you go without an eBay auction plug - I auto-listed the #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS for my new Wizard of Oz painting - "Off to See the Wizard" - up at eBay starting at a penny, ending the MORNING of Friday the 17th at 6:09am Central Time. Yeah - that's way too early - I messed up the AM/PM setting on the autolist, hehe. So bid early, don't wait until the last minute - a lot of you will be asleep then, hehe.

Click HERE to see "Off to See the Wizard #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas Print!

I have several other eBay auctions up right now for ACEO cards, other #01 Canvases, and several ORIGINALS.

Click HERE to see all of Jasmine's Current Auctions, Originals & More! that are up and running while I'm still at the convention. Bid with confidence - I'll be back home in just a couple of days with plenty of time to ship!

See you soon!

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