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Jasmine/Disney (yes, DISNEY) teaser, "Sewer Mermaid" original painting, and leaving for FaerieCon...

Hi everyone!

Last update before I leave for FaerieCon! I have a new painting tonight, "Sewer Mermaid" and also a quick head's up (tease!) about some upcoming projects....with Disney!

Yep! I said Disney! As in Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse, etc. I'm of course an enormous Disney fan, and am very excited. I can't really say much at this point, nothing is finalized or ready to show yet, but since it's passed initial approval I thought I'd start dropping hints now, hehe. Over the past several months I've been doing concept work for some Disney/Jasmine Becket-Griffith co-branded projects, and I'm stoked! It was a life's goal and is a dream come true for me, when I was approached earlier this year I almost exploded with happiness to be able to work with one of my favourite companies and in my own style and my own art. I know that many of you are big Disney fans as well - I will keep you all updated - I can't say much more at this time - it will probably be a couple of months before I have anything concrete, but keep an eye out for updates..... ;) ;) ;)

Now the new painting! "Sewer Mermaid" is a 20"x16" original painting (acrylic on cradled 2" thick READY-TO-HANG masonite panel) - featuring a Sewer Mermaid! Poor thing, she's taken to living down in the sewers below some big metropolis or another. She's shown in a cavernous sewer seeping with yucky water. Even in her filthy, dank surroundings she still manages to look quite elegant. It reminds me of the Oscar Wilde quote - “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” This piece looks even prettier in person with the subtle colours and atmospheric lighting scheme, it truly can be the focus of any room. She is up for sale on eBay - a ten day auction starting at ONE PENNY with no reserve - ending on the AFTERNOON of Wednesday, October 15th at 4:04PM Central Time (the auction will end after I get back home from FaerieCon - so bid with confidence of no delay!) and you can see her below - this is just a "sneak peek" picture, you have to click on it to see the whole entire painting:


To see any other currently available originals, drawings, Lt. Ed. Canvases, & ACEO cards that are up for penny auctions while I'm away at FaerieCon - click below - these will end around the time I'm getting back, so the auctions will not be affected by my absence.

Click HERE to see Jasmine's eBay auctions you can bid on while she's gone!

I'll be back home on the 15th - all orders will ship & emails will be processed upon my return! I look forward to seeing a lot of you at FaerieCon! For info about the show, maps, times, etc. - click below:

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