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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Finished that Tokyo painting....Also.... my New House! Yay!!!

Whew, finished that Tokyo painting last night, and finally scanned it in. Turned out really cool!

Stay tuned, I'll post pictures later tonight (probably around 6 or 7PM or so).

We've caught up (on orders, at least) from our Japan trip, yay! Now there are just massive piles of emails, paperwork, and other stuff to do =P

Getting everything ready for FaerieCon! Hopefully I should have some very exciting art news to tell you before then ;)

Very excited, Kachina, Ellie & Theo are coming to stay for a week, they're coming on Tuesday!

Oh yes, My New House! Hehe, no, I am NOT moving, don't worry ;P

However we've been having a second house built. Just a little house (around 800 sq feet?), up by my family in the Midwest. It's been being built for the past couple of years (had some delays, but overall smooth construction). Basically, since we travel up to Kansas City so often (both Matt's family and my own family live up in that area), it was becoming difficult for me to keep my usual painting schedule (I know, I alread paint a lot... but I want to paint MORE!), and Matt of course was going nuts keeping up with our usual load of orders, emails, shipping, etc. Not to mention print-making, packing materials, all that stuff. Believe it or not, the most economical option for us was to build a little house up there so that we're able to visit without the worry & hassle of shutting down eBay & website & painting & shipping for days or weeks at a time.

So it's just a vacation house (well, more of a work-house, lol). We are of course still living in our Florida house, that's where we live. We'll just have an additional house so that when we're in that part of the country for visits, we can smoothly transition without customers/business/art stuff being affected in any way. This way we'll be able to visit more often, and we'll be able to make longer visits with family, etc.

The final inspection by the building folks is on October 15th! That means if all is good, I can start getting stuff up there.

It was a lot of fun really, starting from scratch like that, because we totally got to tailor-make it into a functioning art studio/printshop/shipping area. I got to help with the floorplan and designate areas for my painting room, and all of that stuff. It's got a nice kitchen & bath (nice and new, and fun to pick the materials, etc.!), big living area/shipping/packing room, laundry nook, big art/painting studio (actually larger than the area I have here in my regular house), just one bedroom, closets, etc.

So basically now I need to duplicate everything I have here in my home studio, but 1200 miles away. Twice the printers, twice the art supplies, twice the shipping stuff, scanners, twice the art desks/easels, twice the computers, etc. It's a bit crazy, and will take a little while, but it will be nice when it's done. So I'm very excited about all that! It will be so nice though to be able to paint regularly and print & ship & process orders as usual while we're out of town. Not necessarily the first place I'd prefer to buy a second home, lol (I'd tend towards London or the Caribbean, but maybe that will be 3rd and 4th houses, mwahaha!), but it will be great getting to see so much more of our families and around holidays.

All righty, back to work I go - enough excitement!
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