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"Alice in Clockwork" and "Fairy with a Butterfly Mask"

Hi everyone!

I have TWO brand new paintings to show you! Unfortunately for you though, both have already sold by the time I was able to get this posted. But LUCKILY for you, I have prints available of both! And a couple of canvas prints (A new Alice, and Three Witchy Sisters due to popular request)! The new original paintings include a Steampunk Alice in Wonderland piece, and the other a lovely butterfly fairy themed piece.

The first new painting is called "Fairy with a Butterfly Mask" - a gorgeous rainbow-coloured painting with an ornate "Strangeling Frame" - I had put her in my eBay store but she was snapped up quickly. You can see how she looked though - right here:

"Fairy with a Butterfly Mask" ORIGINAL PAINTING

Since she sold so fast, to be fair to the rest of you - I'm offering the SALE prints of her right away if you like her! Only $9.99 for the "Fairy with a Butterfly Mask" 8x10 open edition prints here:

"Fairy with a Butterfly Mask" 8x10 SALE Prints only $9.99

The next new painting is called "Alice in Clockwork" - the first of a slightly more refined/grown-uppish Alice series. This is the original painting of mine I brought to Dragon*Con that won the Juried award in the Art Show! Again though, the original has already been purchased, I'm sorry. It features Alice with a more subdued colour palette with clockwork (elaborating on the juxtaposition of time and pocketwatch themes in the stories), and is absolutely gorgeous. I've decided to release the canvas prints early, as well as the sale prints on her, since the original sold before I was able to show her to all of you.

"Alice in Clockwork" Limited Edition Hand Painted CANVAS Prints for sale in my eBay store HERE (limited in quantity, these may go FAST!)

Now also, due to the several emailed requests wanting to order the Canvas Prints of Three Witchy Sisters, they are now in my eBay store here:

"Three Witchy Sisters" Lt. Ed. Hand Embellished CANVAS PRINTS

"Alice in Clockwork" is also one of this week's open edition SALE prints (see further below for more info).

"Alice in Clockwork" 8x10" SALE PRINT $9.99

& "Alice in Clockwork" 12x16" BIG SALE PRINT $20

And to see ALL of my Sale Prints (there's about a dozen of them!!!), just visit my SALE section of my store here:

Jasmine's SALE Prints!

Enjoy! I should have new originals actually available for sale soon, hehe - I promise!

And to see any other available originals, just visit my Original Paintings section of my store here:

Jasmine's Originals

Back to that Tokyo painting - so much crazy detail in this one....what was I thinking???
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