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I'm back! With 12 New Statues, HOPE News, Coffee Mugs, Art Tiles, etc....

Hi everyone!

I'm back from Japan! Flew in late last night after about a day and a half of plane-hopping. I'm so jet-lagged! I had a FANTASTIC time though, one of the best trips I've ever been on. Japan is a wonderful place, I had so much fun. I'll be sure to post pictures here in my journal soon, and you can be sure that you will see many new paintings inspired by my trip! We did so much, went to Kyoto, Osaka, and of course Tokyo. We went to Mt. Fuji, Hakone National Park, bathed in hot springs, did crazy shopping, ate lots of vegetarian Japanese food, visited countless temples, shrines and castles, watched their nutty TV, spent a lot of money in their amazing assortment of vending machines, and so much more. I will be posting photos soon after I sort through them all - I took over a thousand!

Thank you all for your patience while I was gone. We will be spending the next couple of days processing & shipping all orders, eBay auctions, emails, etc. that piled up while we were in Japan.

Great news today! I have TWELVE brand new figurines/ornaments, a new line of Mugs/Coffee Cups, and a TON of new Ceramic Art Tiles - all from Pacific Trading! I will have a new update soon with new artwork as well, I just thought in the meantime you may want to check out the new merchandise!

Also I have news from the Bradford Exchange/Hamilton Collection regarding my "Hope" figurine! The "Hope" faeries that were delayed (due to unanticipated demand - woohoo!) - will be shipping (flying?) from the factory this month, and should be arriving in your homes shortly thereafter. Thank you for your patience in waiting for little Hope! I will have a TON of new products with Bradford soon as well, keep your eyes peeled. If you have questions regarding any orders or questions about Hope - please do not ask me, lol - I just paint the pictures and provide the links. Instead - contact the Bradford Group below:

Contact Bradford/Hamilton on their website HERE

or call them toll-free: 1-877-268-6638

For those who are interested in reserving/pre-ordering Hope, I have a copy of the flyer up on my website here:

Click to see my "Hope" fairy - a Hamilton Exclusive for Breast Cancer Awareness

Okay - now on to the new stuff! First off - the new ornaments/statues! These figurines are the THIRD series of twelve from Pacific Trading - they are absolutely adorable, and well made, I am very happy with them. Tiny and cute (most are around 3"-4") - some are sitting, some hang like ornaments. These are my newest, approved and OFFICIAL figurines. That means they now have 36 figurines available of mine, and guess what? In a few months, there will be more on the way, too! I don't stock these myself, so go buy them from Pacific Trading Online! All thirty six statues are now on their website below. They are listed in order of series, so to see the NEW statues, click through to the bottom of Page Two. The new figurines are: Angel de los Muertos, Pug Pixie, Ferret with Butterfly Wings, Spiders and Skulls, Fairy in Black Lace (The Secret of Notre Dame), Valentine Masquerade, Starshine, Skulls and Stars, Silver and Gold, & Purple Paper Hearts.

Click HERE to see all 36 Figurines!

You can also just go to www.pacifictradingonline.com and type JASMINE in the search box on the mid-right hand side of the screen.

Again, go to page two above by hitting "Next" to see the newest of the 36 statues!

They are even cuter in person! The photos aren't great really, but they give you a good idea of how they look

Next up - FINALLY - after many years - I now have a line of Coffee Cups/Ceramic Mugs! Also made by Pacific Trading, there are 13 designs to choose from!

Click HERE to see my new Coffee Mugs!

And thirdly, Pacific Trading also now has 39 designs of mine available as ceramic Art Tiles. These are very cool - click below to see all 39 designs (across two pages total):

Click HERE to see all of the Art Tiles!

To see all of the above together, along with assorted other items such as jewelry, etc - over 100 items in all - click below:

Click here to see over 100 Jasmine items at Pacific Trading!

And again - I don't make or sell these products myself, these are all made & sold by Pacific Trading. So if you have questions about these items above - don't ask me, instead ask Pacific Trading, please! You can call Pacific Trading toll-free here: 1(800)464-1136 or contact them online here:

Pacific Trading's Contact Info Page

Enjoy! I'll have an update very soon with new art, new BOOK info, new prints, new licensing/merchandise, as well as new FaerieCon info too!

Until next time...

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