Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Live from Dragon*Con!

We're at Dragon*Con!

Actually got here yesterday =)

Today we visited the Atlanta Aquarium - very cool - they had FOUR Whale Sharks there, which I was absolutely blown away by, I've never seen them in person and never thought I would, they're one of my favourite ocean critters. They are huge, and their home at the aquarium was wonderful.

Last night we ate at Trader Vic's - which has become a Dragon*Con tradition =)

Tonight we set up my art panels - I can't believe I fit everything onto my three large bays. BUt miraculously it all it and we got everything checked in. I brought so much art, it surprised even me, hehe. Tomorrow morning will be spent setting up my Bazaar table area.

Now we're getting room service, as the food court is already closed =P

The Art Show opens tomorrow to the general public at 1:00PM. It is in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, on the bottom floor right by Dragon*Con registration/badge pickup.

In the Art Show, when you come in, I am against the FAR BACK WALL directly across from the entrance. So come on in, and head for the back wall - I'm there with a booth, table, and 12 large panels of gallery space. We're right by Tom Fleming, who of course is awesome, so that is a treat! Looking around at the rest of the Art Show too we saw TONS of great art from some other amazing artists, so be sure to see everybody else's stuff too!

For information, directions, etc. - check out my Appearances Page HERE!

See you tomorrow!!!!
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