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Finally, some new MINI Paintings, and some new Drawings too....and the wait for Bigfoot continues...

I'm still skeptical, but the press conference on the "Bigfoot" remains is this afternoon. If those guys are hoaxers, they have some nerve! I really hope it doesn't end up being a hoax though, I want Bigfoot to be real. I'm such a dork, I could hardly sleep last night =) I keep thinking of Bigfoot references in so much stuff I like, from Futurama to Tenacious D, to the Yetis at Disney's Everest and Matterhorn. If he was real I'd be so happy, it's hard to describe.

Okay, now for the art spam....

I finally have some new original MINI paintings, at $50 of course! It's been several months (about 5 or 6 months actually) and I know some of you have been waiting patiently =) So today I have a handful of new mini paintings, as well as two new original DRAWINGS (oswoa sized - "Lost...but Not Worried" and "Hints of Gold"). Also, I have a new setup for finding #1 canvas prints too, which should help you a lot.

First up - due to multiple requests, I have set up a section of my eBay store specifically for #01 (first, numbered #01/25) Lt. Ed. Hand Painted Canvas prints. Many of you like to try to grab the #01s specifically, and since they all start at penny auctions, I figured they get their own category now. I have Five new Lt. Ed. #01s up there now - starting at a penny - Nymphs Collecting Berries, It's All About the Cats, La Sirena, Green Mermaid Triplets, and Lighting the Way. To see the new #01 Canvas section and the new canvases, click below (you may want to bookmark it, if you really like bidding on the #01s!):

Click HERE to see the #01 Hand Painted Canvas Prints!

Next up - two lovely original drawings in the OSWOAâ„¢ size (4"x6"). These are ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, not a prints of any kind. They are pencil & charcoals on toned cardstock, are 4"x6" and are absolutely beautiful. So here we have a "Lost...but Not Worried Drawing" and "Hints of Gold Drawing" - up on eBay for 10-Day auctions ending the evening of Sunday, August 24th at 5:55 PM & 6:00 PM Central Time:


"Lost...but Not Worried Drawing" ORIGINAL DRAWING

Now here are the "MINI" paintings - they are 5"x3" tiny original acrylic paintings on sheets of canvas - each is at a FIXED price of only $50 - this is the only way you can really get an original painting from me for that price, and these tend to sell instantly, so grab one if you can!! I apologize if any or all of them have sold out already!

To see all of the available mini paintings (unless they've been sold!), click below - you will need to scroll down past all the other larger paintings to find the mini paintings at the bottom of the screen:

Click HERE for the MINI Paintings!

or click on these links individually....

"Glancing Up in Green" - ORIGINAL MINI PAINTING

"Blue Eyes, Blue Wings" - ORIGINAL MINI PAINTING



"A Little Black Lipstick" - ORIGINAL MINI PAINTING


To see all of my current ORIGINAL pieces, click below:


To see all of my current ACEO cards, click below:

Jasmine's ACEOs

and to see all of my current SALES, click below:

This Week's SALE Prints!

Enjoy! Back to painting, and Bigfoot waiting I go....

Until next time...

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