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Strangeling.com Website Update, New Original Drawing.....

Hi everyone!

So happy, we have almost everything ready for the Dragon*Con Art Show all packed up and ready to go! Other than several original paintings I'm still needing to finish, that is =) I just finished up a special Strangeling-Framed Halloween painting that will debut at Dragon*Con (one of a handful of Strangeling-Framed paintings I'll have there!), it turned out SO cool. All the other stuff is all ready though, with weeks to spare. I'm proud of us this year!

I have just completed a HUGE gallery update at my website! Over a dozen new prints! All of my new paintings are now available there as prints (and canvas prints) - even the BRAND new never-released ones (like Marie Masquerade, Strangely Lonely, Cretaceous Mermaid, Poe, etc.), and they all have free shipping anywhere in the world!!! I'm still in the process of updating the tattoo & fans gallery (I know, it's several months out of date still), so that will have to wait until after Dragon*Con. In the meantime, check out all the new art! I also have a brand new OSWOA™ sized ORIGINAL Drawing of "My Three Kitties" up for auction!

Also if you are having any problems with links working in this email, etc. simply copy & paste the full link text into the URL field of your browser!

My website is of course:


Those of you with AOL and similar ISPs may need to clear the cache on your browsers to see the new updates, if you've visited recently. The updated website page should say August 7th, 2008.

Specifically - tons of new artwork can be found in the galleries here:

Jasmine's Galleries

All of my new paintings (even the ones I just finished in the past few days) are available now as prints, and even in the Limited Edition Hand Painted Canvas print formats - normally I debut my prints on eBay first, so you can get them early right now. Remember - website orders currently get FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Yep - free Priority Mail shipping for US folks and free 1st Class Air for overseas folks. Even with the Post Office raising their prices again, I'm still clinging on to offering free shipping. No minimum, no tricks.

Next up the new ORIGINAL DRAWING - 4"x6" charcoal & pencil on toned paper - standard OSWOA™ size - completely original (not a print!) - we have "My Three Kitties Drawing" and she is up for auction ending on the evening of Wednesday, August 13th at 6:30 PM Central Time, and you can see her below:

click HERE to see my new My Three Kitties Drawing!

Have fun shopping!

Until next time...

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