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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Back home again, new Sale prints, CILM pack, Pre-Raphaelite Sotheby's Auction (drool....)

I'm back home!

Home for a good long while this time =) I had a fantastic time visiting my family!

We had a great 4th of July - first a big brunch picnic with my mom's family (me, Matt, Kachina, Theo, Ellie, Mom, Bill, Sally, Daniel, Amber, Chris, Aunt Laurie, Uncle Ben, Aunt Hilda, Uncle Bill, etc.). Ate breakfast, played baseball, etc.

Then we up at my dad's farm in Missouri. Me, Matt, Amber, Chris, Kachina, Eleanor, Theodore, Daddy, Robin, Sonya, Paul, Paul's parents, Grandma Griffith, Grandma Dale, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Kevin, Ariel & Josh, Reed & Debbie, Colin & Matthew, lots of dogs & more. We had so much food (vegetarian bbq!), and did the traditional 4th of July festivities (shooting rifles and phenomenal amounts of fireworks!). That night we camped in tents out on my dad's land, which was a lot of fun. Went to the arboretum, ate ice cream.

We then went back to Kansas and stayed with Amber & Chris for the rest of the trip. We got to spend lots of time with them and Kachina & the kids. We all went with Matt's mom, his sister Sarah & our niece Cielo to Deanna Rose and to the movies (where oddly enough we watched this movie, had lots of fun. We did lots of other stuff too, it's all a blur!

It's good to be home now for awhile though - I've been gone for weeks it seems. I'll be here painting my hands off for the next 7 weeks straight, preparing for this fall's conventions - Dragon*Con and FaerieCon. For more information regarding these upcoming art shows (I'll be there with tons of artwork, and I'll be painting "live"!), visit my appearances section here: Jasmine's Art Shows & Appearances

I haven't been able to check LiveJournal for the past few weeks, so if anybody has anything important to tell me - just tell me here, I'm too behind to catch up! We're slowly working through the 1000+ emails too, bear with us.

Gah, I'm sure some of you might be interested (to drool over at least) in this auction (not mine - LOL I wish!) coming up on the 15th in London at Sotheby's. This is one of the BEST private collections of artwork I've ever seen up for auction, anywhere. I want it all! There are COUNTLESS Alma Tademas, Rosettis, Waterhouses, Grimshaws, Pre-Raphaelite, Edwardian, Victorian original paintings. Waterhouse's "Tristan and Isolde" for heaven's sake (shouldn't that be in a museum somewhere?). Check it out:

Click HERE to see one of the coolest Sotheby's Art Auctions I've ever seen Seriously - it makes my head spin! I want them all!

Now on the more low-brow art front..... as of today all orders placed & paid for while I was out of town are now SHIPPED! I've got some fantastic paintings in the works, but for now I wanted to let you all know that I have a TON of brand new SALE prints (all of my new ones!) up on eBay, as well as a new CILM graphics pack!

And to see my current original paintings & drawings, just visit my "Originals" section of my store here

Here are the SALE prints! "Orange Blossom Fairy," "Armful of Frogs," "Green Mermaid Triplets," "It's All About the Cats," & "La Sirena" are all now available as SALE prints up at eBay - the small prints are only $9.99 and the big prints are only $20!

To see ALL of the SALE prints together (the new ones above and a couple of old favourites!), click below:

Click HERE to see all of this week's SALE PRINTS!

Or individually:

"Orange Blossom Fairy" small prints only $9.99

& "Orange Blossom Fairy" BIG Prints only $20

& "Armful of Frogs" small prints only $9.99

& "Armful of Frogs" BIG Prints only $20

& "Green Mermaid Triplets" small prints only $9.99

& "Green Mermaid Triplets" BIG Prints only $20

& "It's All About the Cats" small prints only $9.99 - 10% goes to IAATC Cat Rescue Charity

& "It's All About the Cats" BIG Prints only $20 - 10% goes to IAATC Cat Rescue Charity

& "La Sirena" small prints only $9.99

& finally, "La Sirena" BIG Prints only $20

Next I have a new CILM Graphics Pack - lots of great stuff in this one! Also - as I mentioned last time, CILM has now made ALL packs (old & new) in the handy 6-pack size - this means not only are they much cheaper, but also you can be more selective picky about the images you want.

The new package is Package "T" features some of my best & most popular paintings - Alice, Dorothy & MORE!

Click HERE to see the fabulous new "Package T"

and CLICK HERE to see the new "Combo Pack" option

and to see all of my other CILM packs (again, now all in the 6-image size - yay!) - CLICK HERE

I will have some other new original paintings available shortly, some inspired by my France trip, and several more featuring Strangeling Frames....

That's all for now .....
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