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New CUTE Mermaid Original Painting, Dorothy in the Poppies and Phoenix Tattoo prints....

New CUTE Mermaid Original Painting, Dorothy in the Poppies and Phoenix Tattoo prints....

Good morning!

Yay! I got my INATS stuff ready, quarterly taxes done, and a bunch of other boring stuff finished, so I'm free to paint again =)

Yesterday at Game Night at foxmagic's house, we had a bag of "mystery quest" Doritos. The premise is that you don't know what flavour the chips are until you eat them. They were tasty, I was guessing that they were lime flavoured - they turned out to be Mountain Dew flavoured! Bizarre! But they were actually pretty good, and I'm not normally a fan of Doritos.

Art stuff.... - WARNING - this new painting may induce CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Yes, I have a brand new original painting - "Green Mermaid Triplets" - and I have a couple of new SALE prints up at eBay today - my triptych Wizard of Oz piece "Dorothy in the Poppies," and my "Phoenix Tattoo" are both now ON SALE as both big prints & small prints!

First is the new original painting! It is called "Green Mermaid Triplets" - and as I warned you, they are very CUTE! These mermaid sisters are triplets - big eyed innocence abounds with their cute round faces and fancy green streaked hair. Their svelte tails are spotted and glistening, as they hang together in the murky fathoms of the deep sea. Quite adorable, and quite large as well, measuring 16"x20" - it is an original acrylic painting on a canvas sheet. It is up for a PENNY auction at eBay - going for 10 days ending on Monday, June 23rd at 7:00PM Central Time. Yes this auction really is starting at a penny, so everybody can get a chance at it - click the sneak preview picture below to see the whole painting:

Click HERE to see my "Green Mermaid Triplets" - BIG Original Painting

To see any OTHER available originals, CLICK HERE!

Now for the SALE prints! "Dorothy in the Poppies" & "Phoenix Tattoo" are all both available as SALE prints up at eBay - the small prints are only $9.99 and the big prints are only $20!

To see ALL of the SALE prints together, click below:

Jasmine's SALE Prints!

Or individually:

"Dorothy in the Poppies" small prints only $9.99

& "Dorothy in the Poppies" BIG Prints only $20

"Phoenix Tattoo" small prints only $9.99

& "Phoenix Tattoo" BIG prints only $20

I will have some other new original paintings available shortly, including more Strangeling Frames.... the next one is super-cool! I'm also working on a fundraising project for our local cat shelter (from where we adopted Mama Wolf), more about that later....

Hope everybody enjoys their weekend!

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