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Bonaventure Cemetery painting, back from Savannah, Shell Collector prints, etc.....

Hi everyone!

I am back from my trip! Matt & I went to the lovely town of Savannah, Georgia for my birthday, and we had a wonderful time. It even inspired a brand new ORIGINAL painting for you! In addition I have a canvas print and new sale prints, as well as my "Shell Collector" prints now on sale!

I hadn't been to Savannah before, but had always wanted to (it's about 5 hours north of here). I'd seen a lot of shows (travel channel "haunted" tv specials mostly, hehe) and seen a lot of lovely photos. I'd also read "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" (and seen the movie) which made me also want to visit there. I've been planning a series of "Southern Gothic" paintings, and thought my birthday would make a fantastic excuse to go check it out!

We stayed HERE, at the Marshall House - in the Mary Marshall Suite! It was a gorgeous hotel, the oldest in Savannah. Within easy walking of the historic district, riverfront, etc. I'd highly recommend it. They even have free wine & cheese in the evenings.

It's supposed to be a haunted hotel too - and we indeed had a weird occurrence there! One night before bed, I'd plugged in my laptop and I-Phone, and went to sleep. Everything was fine. The next morning - my I-Phone was sitting on the desk (maybe it fell?), unplugged. Weirder still - two of the keys (letter C and letter L, I think) from the keyboard were OFF! They were just lying there, not attached to the keyboard. As if somebody had taken a screwdriver and pried them out. Now - there is NO way anybody could have come into our room in the night, we had the privacy chain across, locked from the inside, no chance anybody could have come in to play a prank. Bizarre! Nothing was damaged, I was able to fix the computer, but it was still creepy.

We loved Savannah - I had tons of Mint Juleps to drink, lots of good food (we went to Alligator Soul on my birthday and the chef made us an amazing vegetarian feast, with so much stuff I can't even remember. We saw all sorts of historic buildings and homes, parks & squares, beautiful gardens - everything was so lovely. The people there were all so nice too.

Now - onto the art! The new painting is called "Belle of Bonaventure" and she is my latest framed original painting! She is the first in my new "Southern Gothic" series of paintings (original paintings inspired by the American South, particularly historic and haunted aspects of it...). Specifically this piece is inspired by my visit to Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia last Thursday. One of the most beautiful cemeteries I've ever visited (and I've been to a lot!) - I first read about it in the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and I had to go visit it myself! If you are ever by Savannah, go check it out! Anyway - "Belle of Bonaventure" shows a quiet scene featuring a wide eyed southern bell amidst the murk, mist, and Spanish moss amongst the tombs. She is simply beautiful. FRAMED it measures 26"x22" and is an original acrylic painting on a 12"x16" masonite panel and it is FRAMED in an elegant 5" wide heavy, ornate antiqued-gold leaf toned open wood frame. My husband Matt has framed this piece very beautifully indeed. She's all ready-to-hang! She is up in my eBay store at a fixed price where it will remain until purchased on eBay by a lucky bidder (otherwise she'll travel back to Georgia with me for Dragon*Con!)! You can see her below....

"Belle of Bonaventure" 26"x22" ORIGINAL FRAMED PAINTING

And to see any other available originals, just visit my Original Paintings section of my store HERE!

Next up - if the original "Belle of Bonaventure" is not in your budget, never fear - I have the Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas prints available in my eBay store right now, and I have gone ahead and put the open edition prints up on SALE this week too!

Click HERE for "Belle of Bonaventure" 11x14 Lt. Ed. Hand Embellished CANVAS PRINTS

Click HERE for "Belle of Bonaventure" 8x10" SALE PRINTS $9.99

Click HERE for "Belle of Bonaventure" 12x16" BIG SALE PRINTS $20

And as I mentioned - my "Shell Collector" mermaid prints are now on sale, see below:

"Shell Collector" small SALE PRINT $9.99

& "Shell Collector" BIG SALE PRINT $20

to see ALL of my Sale Prints, just visit my SALE section of my store HERE!

And also a quick "yes" to all of you who are asking - I have new paintings with "Strangeling Frames" (the 3d sculptural frame panels) in the works. In fact I have several. They take a lot of time, so just be patient - I'll have the next one in a few days =) Happy you like them so much!

Until next time...

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