Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning! New ACEO Cards, Japan, Taiwan Babies, other stuff....

Good morning everybody!

I'm in a happy mood today!

First off, I'm very happy because Matt & I have been working on some new projects, and they are going smashingly well. Some special stuff for Dragon*Con (Only 99 days left until Dragon*Con!) and some stuff I'll be sharing very soon, too!

Also I'm excited because I'm going to Japan this fall! I've never been anywhere in Asia before. We're going with my sister Amber (kenderdrache) and her husband Chris. Tokyo, Kyoto, Mt. Fuji, all sorts of fun stuff, I am so excited!

Other exciting news from Amber & Chris - they began the adoption process for a baby from Taiwan! I know it will take a long time (it's a very involved process) before they actually have the child home (definitely after our trip to Japan, hehe!), but I'm already so excited. They have wanted to do this for a long time, and I'm so happy for them!

So it looks like they'll be traveling to Asia a couple of times in the not-so-distant future =)

And Happy-Yesterday-Birthday to my sister Kachina!

Let me see - what else is going on - lots of painting and art-related stuff mostly. More exciting news soon hopefully from the Hamilton Collection (psst - if you haven't seen my first project with them, she is HERE!

Matt & I just watched the first two seasons of "Dexter" we got from Netflix & Itunes - what an awesome show. Now I have to wait months until Season Three comes up on Showtime. Hmph.

I'm antsy to go see the new Indiana Jones movie now - I'm happy to see it getting good ratings up at IMDB!

Now for the art spam:

I have a bunch of new ACEO Cards for you today! It's been several weeks since I've made some ACEO cards, so this is a GREAT group, some of my very best and most recent paintings in ACEO format.

For more info about ACEO cards, how I make them & what they are (basically tiny hand embellished one of a kind canvas prints, trading card sized at 2.5"x3.5" and highly collectable), consult the individual auction descriptions - they are each one of a kind and are awesome! I only make ONE of each, so they very limited (truly one of a kind!). All are starting at a penny, with no reserve for ten-day auctions ending on the afternoon of Thursday, May 29th at 7:00PM - 7:22PM Central Time!

To see them all together visit the ACEO section of my store HERE!

Jasmine's ACEO Cards!

Or individually, click on their titles:

"Poisoned Apple" ACEO

& "Violet Angel" ACEO

& "Lotus Fairy" ACEO

& "Willow" ACEO

& "This is My Frog!" ACEO

& "Nothing Left to Dream" ACEO

& "Wolf Song" ACEO

& "Green Eyed Voodoo" ACEO

& "Skull Barrettes" ACEO

& "Orange Blossom Fairy" ACEO

& "Captain Molly Morgan" ACEO

& "Steel Blue Eyes" ACEO

To see my currently available SALE PRINTS, just visit my Sale section of my store here:

Jasmine's SALE Prints!

And to see my currently available original paintings, just visit my Original Paintings section of my store here:

Jasmine's Originals

Enjoy! I'm off to work on mysterious paintings and projects....
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