Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

TONS of New Cameo Necklaces, random other stuff

I'm painting a new pirate girl right now, and she is so cute! She's got an octopus tattoo! I love octopus tattoos, I don't have one myself, but I think they look really cool. I might finish her today, I'm not sure - we have to run a bunch of errands today too.

I'm getting excited about Dragon*Con - I'm already getting ready for it, hehe. This is going to be my best year ever as far as shows go! I've got some extra cool stuff that I will be bringing - now all I have to do is figure out how I can fit everything at my booth =P

Gah, I can't believe I have to wait two weeks for the next "LOST", and then there won't be more until next "season." At least it's a 2 hour finale. So much exciting stuff is happening on there, I hope some of it gets resolved (although I'm sure they will have some cliffhanger at the end, as per usual).

We went and saw Iron Man - it was awesome!

I am very stoked also - next week we're going to go see the Kids In the Hall!!! It'll be the second time I've seen them live (the last time was many years ago though, when I still lived in Kansas City). I'm so glad they are coming down here to Florida.

Now in art news - I have just listed a TON of new Cameos in my Etsy shop HERE!

For other Etsy stuff, visit my Etsy store here: http://strangeling.etsy.com

There are BIG Cameos, small Cameos, lots of new ones from my latest paintings, too! I listed over 50 of them but they of course are probably going to sell out fast, so grab one while you can =)

Back to pirate painting.......
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