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"Willow" - New ORIGINAL Book Painting! DRAGON*CON News, Prints & more..

Hi everyone!

We're having a great time with Matt's mom here! I made a big Indian dinner last night with saffron rice and peas, Quorn coconut curry with almonds and raisins, and Saag Paneer (spinach, tomatoes and paneer yogurt cheese), yogurt and chillies.

Guess what? I'm getting my CONTROL SHEETS and PIECE IDS ready (hehe, the other artists will know what I mean!) because it's that time of year again! Dragon*Con is coming! Well, it's coming in a few months, but I am going all-out this year getting ready for it. I am so stoked, I love Dragon*Con. I've confirmed my Art Show entrance and hotel info and am ready to go, hehe! I've already started on some very special top secret projects that will be there, this year will be bigger and better than ever before, I am so excited! I will be bringing a phenomenal amount of artwork, original paintings, cameo necklaces and other jewelry, books, statues, prints, and some other special surprises! I've got great paintings planned out (I have to let them know ahead of time what I'm bringing) - triptychs, Wolves, Faeries, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and hopefully some HALLOWEEN stuff too (it'll be this fall...). I have a new series I'm planning to unveil there as well. It's kind of fun figuring out everything ahead of time like that. I'm also already thinking about what outfits to wear.....

Dragon*Con will be held Labor Day weekend (August 29 - September 1, 2008) in Atlanta, GA. It's a blast, and I'm already preparing for it this early, because it's such a great show! Hope to see you there! For more info on Dragon*Con, visit their website here:


I have a brand new original painting to show you, and it is one of my BOOK illustrations - a very special one - her name is Willow, and she lives in a swamp amongst the will-o'-the-wisps - and she is FRAMED! I also have prints available of her as well, on SALE!

The new painting - "Willow" - A mysterious beauty - surrounded by stunning swamp iris blooms and steaming Spanish Moss - it gives an exotic feel to the room just hanging up on my wall. Her name is Willow - this is a very special painting, as she's going to be featured in an upcoming book of short stories. This is a portrait of Willow, a fairy creature who is akin to the will-o'-the-wisp (mysterious swamp lights, that some attribute to faeries!). A beautiful girl, her eyes glow like the mysterious orbs, and she clutches one in her arms as well. I've used a special sort of "Interference" paints on them which really make them almost seem to "glow"! Since she will be published, she is certainly of special interest to collectors. She is FRAMED by my wonderful husband, Matt.in a beautiful bamboo themed dark brown wood frame - particularly appropriate for the subject of this piece. I have finished the painting with a glossy varnish and it looks amazing! She's completely READY-TO-HANG on your wall, strung with hanger wire and ready to go. She is up for sale in my eBay store (at fixed price or Best Offer!) and you can see her here:

Click HERE to see my new "Willow" ORIGINAL PAINTING

If she's not quite in your budget - please feel free to use eBay's "Make Offer" button at the top of the page to make me your best offer! Don't worry - I am NEVER insulted or anything like that =) Honestly - I have had offers for a penny before, and I may giggle - but I never get mad, hehe. I take each and every offer seriously and read each personally. So feel free to try your luck - you never know! ;) Most of my framed original paintings have this "Make Offer" option, and it is pretty new to eBay - but a fun and exciting way to do business up there, so you might want to give it a shot! If you have any questions about how that works - just feel free to email me.

To see my other currently available original paintings, click below:

Jasmine's Originals

Next up are the prints! If the original painting is completely out of your budget, I do have the prints of "Willow" already up - and they are now on SALE! So cute!

"Willow" 8x10 SALE PRINT $9.99

& "Willow" 12x16 SALE PRINT $20.00

Also a head's up - one of my collectors is selling a couple of my canvas prints at great prices! I can confirm that these are indeed legitimate pieces, made my me =) Click below to see her auctions:

Amanda's Jasmine Becket-Griffith Canvas Print Auctions

Enjoy! I've gotta go fill a bunch of custom cameo orders. Probably will take me most of the day, but I have my I-Phone and a new Audiobook from Audible, so I'm all set!
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