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New "Violet Angel" Original Painting - HUGE PRINT SALE, Pterodactyls and more....

Hi everyone!

I must say - I am SO HAPPY that Torchwood finally gave some back-story on my Pterodactyl (I believe it's name is Myfanwy)! After Jack and Ianto (maybe before Ianto), the Pterodactyl is my favourite character, hehehe. So I'm very happy to see more of him! I won't give any spoilers!

We had a WONDERFULLY fun time with my family visiting us! Some of the most fun ever!! I miss everybody already!

Now it's back to work as usual - I have a brand new original painting - "Violet Angel" - and I have a bunch of new SALE prints up at eBay today - TONS of my newest prints are now up for sale, including the triptychs ("Memento Mori," "Carnivorous Greenhouse," "Sunflower Fairy," and "Poisoned Apple," and my new "Atlantis Mermaid"), big prints & small prints!

First is the new original painting! She is called "Violet Angel" - she is a lovely vision in purples, violets and magentas - so lovely! Even the pupils of her eyes of this angelic creature are a deep violet. She's standing against a sunset (or sunrise?) in a glorious dress with magnificent feathery wings, and is beautiful! She is HUGE measuring 18"x24" and is an original acrylic painting on a canvas sheet. She is up for a PENNY auction at eBay - going for 10 days ending on Tuesday, April 22nd at 7:16PM Central Time. Yes this auction is starting at a penny, so everybody can get a chance at her - click below to see:

Click HERE to see my new "Violet Angel" - BIG Original Painting

To see any OTHER available originals click here:

Jasmine's Originals

Now for the SALE prints! "Memento Mori," "Carnivorous Greenhouse," "Sunflower Fairy," and "Poisoned Apple," and my new "Atlantis Mermaid" are all now available as SALE prints up at eBay - the small prints are only $9.99 and the big prints are only $20!

To see ALL of the new SALE prints, CLICK HERE!

Or individually:

"Memento Mori" small prints only $9.99 & "Memento Mori" BIG Prints only $20

"Carnivorous Greenhouse" small prints only $9.99 & "Carnivorous Greenhouse" BIG prints only $20

"Sunflower Fairy" 8x10" Prints only $9.99 & "Sunflower Fairy" 12x16" Prints only $20

"Poisoned Apple" 8x10" Prints only $9.99 & "Poisoned Apple" 12x16" Prints only $20

"Atlantis Mermaid" small prints only $9.99 & "Atlantis Mermaid" BIG prints only $20

I will have some other new original paintings available shortly, including the continuation of my "Flowers" series and some new triptychs!

That's all for now ..... gotta go paint! Have a good weekend, everybody!
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