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New Figurines/Statues, Ceramic Art Tiles, & Jewelry!

Hi everyone!

Lots of great news today! And NONE of it is an April Fool's Joke!

One of the companies that licenses my work, Pacific Trading, has added a ton of new merchandise to their website, and it's all ready to be ordered! TWELVE (12) new figurines/statues/ornaments are up there, as well as 39 varieties of decorative ceramic wall tiles, and 12 new enamel/metal pendants - all of course featuring my artwork. The figurines are the second series of twelve from Pacific Trading - they are absolutely adorable, and well made, I am very happy with them. Tiny and cute (most are around 3"-4") - some are sitting, some hang like ornaments. These are my newest, approved and OFFICIAL figurines. That means they now have 24 figurines available of mine, and guess what? In a few months, there will be 12 more on the way, too! I don't stock these myself, so go buy them from Pacific Trading Online!

First off - if you would like to see absolutely all of the new merchandise - just click below:

Click HERE to see ALL of the Pacific Trading Jasmine Stuff!

Or go to www.pacifictradingonline.com and type JASMINE in the search box on the mid-right hand side of the screen. SCROLL DOWN to see the newest figurines. And use the Page 2, Page 3 & Page 4 links at the very bottom of the screen to see everything - there should be 75 items in all!

They are even cuter in person! The photos aren't great really, but they give you a good idea of how they look

Here they are individually:

My "A Little Shy" Figurine is HERE!

My "Three Wise Faeries" Figurines (they are a SET of THREE Figurines - wow!) are HERE!

My "Pet Storm Dragon" Figurine is HERE

My "Invoking the Eclipse" Figurine is HERE

My "Jewele" Figurine is HERE

My "Nepenthe" Figurine is HERE

My "Pale Rose" Figurine is HERE

My "Golden Guitar Fairy" Figurine is HERE

My "Luna" Figurine is HERE

My "Poppy Garden" Figurine is HERE

My "Red Ribbon Fairy" Figurine is HERE

My "Red Winged Fairy" Figurine is HERE

Next up - the tiles! Lovely art tiles to hang on your wall - featuring my artwork of course! There are 39 different images to choose from:

CLICK HERE for Jasmine's new Ceramic Art Tiles!

Next up - the Jewelry! Pacific Trading has made 12 silver tone & enamel pendants featuring my artwork. They are really cute and each comes on a chain to wear!

Click HERE to see Jasmine's new Jewelry from Pacific Trading

Or again - if none of these links are working in your browser, just go to pacifictradingonline.com and search JASMINE in the search box on the mid-right hand side of the screen!

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