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Random Morning stuff!

It occurred to me today that I do the same thing every morning - but I really like it that way!

I'm not a sleepy person. I don't really enjoy sleeping the way most people seem to. I don't dream often (don't remember it much at least), and when I do it's usually stress induced dreams having to do with damaged artwork, incorrect orders being sent, working on my website, or too many emails, lol. So I like to stay up late and wake up early!

I don't get up WAY early, but I wake up at 6:45am every single day. I get up - read over the orders from my website and eBay/etsy from overnight, then I put on my workout clothes and do Tae-Bo, and then I lift weights. Every single day! I always open the windows by me really wide and I watch the sunrise and the animals (lizards, snakes, etc.) in the backyard from my window while I work out. I also watch the hot air balloons - hot air ballooning must be really popular around here, because I see them almost every morning, today there were three.

While I exercise, I think about what I will paint that day.

After exercise, I shower, dress, then brush my hair and put on a little makeup. I love my bathroom - it's big and I have hung prisms in the window - it's east facing so they get hit hard by the sunrise and make rainbows everywhere while I'm getting ready, I love it!

Then I go downstairs, and I make my breakfast. I always have one cup of Fiber One cereal, with fruit cut up in it (usually coconut) and one glass of V8 Splash juice, either tropical or berry.

I eat my breakfast on my back porch - I bring my laptop out to my table, and I look at my Friends List on LiveJournal. Or make a post like I am right now!

Then I paint until it's time to go to bed, hehe. And squeeze in other stuff when I can.

I guess everybody has a "morning ritual" - and that would be mine! I find that if I do the same thing every day, I never forget anything, and it leaves my mind open to think about art, fun stuff like that.

Today I'm (hopefully) going to finish up "Amara". She is the next in my line of character portrait illustrations for an upcoming book (so far is Alannah, Kitsune, Bijou, Fiona, and Nixie). She is described as being sort of a Polynesian / Hawaiian girl, like a Menehune - I'm incorporating a lot of tropical elements (stuff from my backyard!), bananas, flowers, maybe a rainbow, etc. So far it is gorgeous, and fun to paint! Off I go...........
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