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MegaCon Painting, and LOTS of new SALE prints!

Hi everyone!

My mom & Bill flew home last night, it was a great visit =)

Now we have an empty house, for the first time in quite a while really. It seems so quiet!

I haven't gotten much online time this month, but hopefully I'll be able to catch up on LiveJournal shortly, I've missed you all! I also have a lot of photos, etc. I want to show you guys too. Hopefully after I get these next couple of illustrations finished I can get back into my usual routine.

I've been mired in commissioned work this past week, very busy, but busy is good! I have a bunch of new SALE prints up at eBay today ("Mermaid with Cephalopods," "Koi Pond Mermaid," "Cemetery Mist," and "Pink Spotted Mermaid"), and I also have a photo of a painting to show you that you've never seen - it's the one I actually painted at MegaCon - the gentleman who purchased the painting was kind enough to send me a photo of us with the painting via email, as I painted & sold it at MegaCon I don't have a scan or prints of her, but thought some of you might want to see her anyways =)

Also if the links do not appear to be clickable, simply copy & paste the full link text into the URL field of your browser!

First a photo of the lovely painting I did at MegaCon (with myself and the proud new owner of the painting):

At every convention I paint "live" and try to finish a painting at the show and offer it to the visitors at the show, so come see me at Dragon*Con in August if you'd like to get in on that! =)

To see any OTHER available originals , just visit my Original Paintings section of my store here (and if any aren't quite in your budget - remember you can use the "Make Offer" option on these and suggest your own price, if there's one you have your eye on....):

Jasmine's Original Paintings

Now for the SALE prints! "Mermaid with Cephalopods," "Koi Pond Mermaid," "Cemetery Mist," and "Pink Spotted Mermaid" are all now available as SALE prints up at eBay - the small prints are only $9.99 and the big prints are only $20!

To see ALL of the new SALE prints, click HERE!

Or individually:

"Mermaid with Cephalopods" small prints only $9.99 & "Mermaid with Cephalopods" BIG Prints only $20

and "Koi Pond Mermaid" 8x10" Prints only $9.99 & "Koi Pond Mermaid" 12x16" Prints only $20

and "Pink Spotted Mermaid" 8x10" Prints only $9.99 & "Pink Spotted Mermaid" 12x16" Prints only $20

and "Cemetery Mist" 8x10" Prints only $9.99 & "Cemetery Mist" 12x16" Prints only $20

I will have some new original paintings available shortly, and then I'll do my best to catch up on my online stuff too!

Have a great weekend, and a Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!
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