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Huge www.Strangeling.com UPDATE, Tattoo Gallery, & MegaCon News..

Hi everyone!

I have just completed a HUGE gallery & tattoo update at my website! About 30 prints and a hundred tattoos.

All of my new paintings are now available there as prints (and canvas prints) - even the BRAND new never-released ones (like Mildew, Cemetery Mist, Alchemy Angel & Absinthe, Nixie, and more!), and they all have free shipping anywhere in the world!!! Also there are now hundreds of tattoo photos!!!

My website is of course:


Those of you with AOL and similar ISPs may need to clear the cache on your browsers to see the new updates, if you've visited recently. The updated website page should say February 11th, 2008.

Specifically - tons of new artwork can be found in the galleries HERE!

All of my new paintings (even the ones I just finished in the past few days) are available now as prints, and even in the Limited Edition Hand Painted Canvas print formats - normally I debut my prints on eBay first, so you can get them early right now. Remember - website orders currently get FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Yep - free Priority Mail shipping for US folks and free 1st Class Air for overseas folks. Even with the Post Office raising their prices again, I'm still clinging on to offering free shipping. No minimum, no tricks. I apologize that I have not yet updated the Fan Photo Gallery, BUT I did update over a hundred new tattoos in the Tattoo Gallery! I should be updating the other fan photos gallery not too long from now. I am doing my best (and I gotta paint sometime, lol!). If you have previously sent me a photos of a TATTOO and you don't see it on the tattoo page, please re-email it to JasmineToad@aol.com. Between four computers/laptops/cellphones, etc. I occasionally misplace files, lose emails, have hard drive crashes, etc. So if you don't see it, that means I'm missing it - not that I left you out intentionally!

Click HERE to see the tattoos!!

And also a reminder that I will be at MegaCon - http://www.megaconvention.com - March 7th, 8th & 9th in Orlando Florida - so please come out and visit with me if you can - I'll have TONS of great art & stuff, and will be doing LIVE painting "in person." I'll be there all day every day, with a huge 200 sq.ft. booth all of my own. I will have thousands of prints, never-before-seen original paintings, hundreds of stretched or framed canvas prints, new statues, my NEW BOOK "Porfolio One", Cameo Necklaces and tons of other art & merchandise! I'll of course be there to chat about art, sign autographs, pose for photos, etc. too. For more info see below:

Jasmine's Appearances & Show Schedule


MegaCon's Official Website

Hope you've had a good weekend! Enjoy all of the new updates at my website!! I'll update with more new art soon (yeah, really!).
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