Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Mildew Fairy, Great Vegetarian Website, and Hawaiian Volcano Fairy Prints!

Good morning everybody!!

Another beautiful day outside! About 80 degrees and sunny, can't go wrong with that. It might hit 90 degrees tomorrow they say. I love Florida =)

Of course I'm pretty much stuck inside painting all day, but at least I get to have the windows open. I much prefer open windows and ceiling fans to air conditioning. So do Azrael and Mama Wolf - they sit on the windowsills with their nostrils wiggling all the time.

Hey - fellow VEGETARIANS out there - I want to show you my new favourite website!

This place is AWESOME:


It has the best "fake meats" I've ever tried. Shipping costs are astronomical, unfortunately, but they are SO yummy. LOTS of vegan stuff too click HERE and scroll down for "Vegan Specialties".

My favourites are: (and these are ALL vegetarian) "Citrus Spare Ribs" (not like ribs at all, lol, but great for stirfry), "Gong Bao Chicken" (great spicy fake chicken), and "Vegetarian Charbroil Ham" (best fake ham ever, good hot or cold).

Some of the stuff I'm not so sure about and haven't tried yet, lol - check out this fake vegetarian LOBSTER - he cracks me up!:

Vegetaraian Whole Lobster

I order from there a lot, I wish it didn't cost so much for shipping though. We have a big Asian grocery store in Orlando on Colonial Drive which carries some of the stuff, but not all of my favourites though.

Hey - I have a new painting (gee, really?).....

"Mildew" is her name - got the idea for this one last night when Matt was cleaning the bathroom. No - really! Does the mildew fairy every visit your house? I've shown "Mildew" here hiding in some dank basement, working her yucky spell. She even has a grubby crystal ball of decay. Great grimy greens and ambient lighting really make this piece "pop" right out at you, and it shows how everything - even moldy old mildew - can be beautiful! She's a big painting and very, very detailed - measuring 16"x20" - original acrylics on sheet of canvas. This original painting is up on eBay starting at just ONE PENNY with no reserve for a 7-Day auction ending the evening of Monday, February 11th at 8:24PM Central Time. You can see her below:

Click HERE to see my new"Mildew" ORIGINAL PAINTING

And yes, after many requests - my little "Hawaiian Volcano Fairy" is now available as prints, and they are on sale for only $9.99:

Click HERE to see my "Hawaiian Volcano Fairy" 8x10" Prints only $9.99

I'd better get back to painting! And trying to wade through about a thousand emails. If I owe you an email, thank you for your patience - I try to get back to everybody eventually =)
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