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Nixie Mermaid Painting, Valentine Cameos & Valentine Print SALE

Hi everyone!

Busy day today, but I got a lot done. It's always a little crazy when I'm catching up from being out of town!

I'm watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. It's the alternative to the Super Bowl, I guess, lol. I've actually seen all four Puppy Bowls over the years (not really intentionally, it just worked out that way). It's really really cute - and they have a kitty half-time show (with little kittens playing with toys). What a great show!

Let me see - lots of great stuff tonight! I have one wonderful new original mermaid painting - one of my BOOK illustrations (and it is FRAMED), and a TON of Valentine's Day themed prints on SALE, canvas print, & New Valentine Cameos!

"Nixie" is a truly gorgeous painting! 22"x26" framed! She really brings a whole new element of beauty and a bright mermaid-y feel just hanging up on my wall. Her name is Nixie - this is a very special painting, as she's going to be featured in an upcoming book of short stories. This is a portrait of Nixie, a mermaid character in the book I am illustrating. Since she will be published, she is certainly of special interest to collectors. Nixie is shown underwater - in the distance a wrecked pirate ship - and in the foreground many colourful clownfish and other tropical fish! And she is framed by my wonderful husband, Matt. I don't often offer work that is already framed, or ready-to-hang, so this is quite special. Again - this is the original painting, on a canvas panel and it has been framed in an elegant 3" wide ornate black & mahogany coloured "open-wood" style frame. I have finished the painting with a glossy varnish and it looks amazing! She is 100% ready-to-hang - just stick her up on a nail on the wall, and you are good to go! She is up in my eBay store at a fixed price where she will remain until purchased (otherwise I'll take her with me to MegaCon next month, so grab her if you like her now!) - you can see her below....and if she's not quite in your budget, feel free to use eBay's "Make Offer" option to make me your best offer - hey, you never know!

Click here to see my new "Nixie" FRAMED ORIGINAL PAINTING!

To see any other available originals- framed or unframed - just visit my Original Paintings section of my store HERE

Now it's time for the Valentines! Valentine Cameo Necklaces, & Prints!

My new #01 Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas Print for my latest "Valentine Masquerade" is up for a 5-Day auction - the #01 of the edition she is being auctioned off starting at just a penny to give everybody a chance, ending the evening of Friday, February 8th at 5:27PM Central Time. Here she is:

Click HERE for my "Valentine Masquerade" 11"x14" #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT

Next up - I have four very special Valentine's CAMEO Necklaces! Perfect for a Valentine's day gift either for a loved one or for yourself, these are particularly beautiful ones. These sell out FAST, so grabe one if you can! To see all of the available cameo necklaces, just visit my etsy store HERE and click the "Art Cameo Pendants" link near the top right-hand corner:

(If you're not registered with etsy, just visit HERE and register first - it takes less than a minute, they don't take any personal info from you!).

you can see "Melancholy Valentine" cameo necklaces here

you can see "Waiting for My Valentine" cameo necklaces here

you can see "Valentine Masquerade" cameo necklaces here

and you can see "Where is my Valentine?" cameo necklaces here

And finally, I have lots of my current and previous Valentine's themed paintings available ON SALE as open edition glossy prints this week!

To see ALL of the SALE items, click HERE

or individually.....

"Valentine Masquerade" 8x10" OPEN EDITION SALE print - $9.99

& "Valentine Masquerade" 12x16" OPEN EDITION SALE print - $20

& "Waiting for my Valentine" 8x10" OPEN EDITION SALE print - $9.99

& "Melancholy Valentine" 8x10" OPEN EDITION SALE print - $9.99

& "Where is My Valentine?" 8x10" OPEN EDITION SALE print - $9.99

and finally - for those who want a darker outlook on Valetine's Day - "A Valentine Scorned" 8x10" OPEN EDITION SALE print - $9.99

Enjoy! Hopefully soon I'll get caught up here on LJ and do a "proper" post, instead of just art spam =)
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