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New Valentine Painting, IMPORTANT Vacation Ordering Info, Hawaiian Volcano Fairy & Canvas Prints

Hey everybody! Sorry to keep spamming my journal with business stuff so much =P Lately it seems that is honestly all I've been up to, we've been swamped.

Thank you SO much for all of your kind words (and pre-orders!) for my new book!! I'll try to write back to everybody as soon as I can - I'm a little overwhelmed by all of your questions & good cheer! =)

We're going out of town for a brief respite though, so hopefully after we get back things will settle down a little. I've got so many projects going on right now, my head is spinning, and Matt is going half-crazy - lol! Definitely need a little R&R - we skipped our wedding anniversary while we were visiting family last month, so we're going to make up for it with a little getaway shortly.

I have a new Valentine's Day themed painting (my best yet!), a bunch of new #01 Limited Edition Canvas prints up for auction, and also a "head's up" with some important ordering information about my brief upcoming absence.


So - as I said - I'm going to be out of town, leaving this weekend, returning on February 2nd. For those of you who have placed orders or have won eBay auctions and have not paid for them yet - if I receive payment before Noon Central Time this Friday January 25th, I will ship your orders before I leave! Otherwise - no hurry - send payment or place website orders at your leisure, I'll just ship all that when I get back after February 2nd. If anybody has any time-sensitive orders that would require express shipping, etc. - please let me know asap. You may notice that my 900+ eBay store items have "disappeared"! Of course - no worries - they have NOT really disappeared, they are merely on pause while I'm out of town, to avoid any delays or confusion since I won't be home to ship out orders until I get back home. All of my listings will magically "re-appear" when I get home! FEEL FREE to bid though on these new auctions below - I will be back home in plenty of time to ship these out, hehe - so these auctions are in no way affected by my absence - no delays whatsoever!


All righty - the new big original painting is called "Valentine Masquerade" - in plenty of time for Valentine's Day, too! This beautiful fairy is dressed for a Valentine's Day masquerade ball with her fancy costume and red mask. Tiny heart details are hidden throughout her clothing & wings. It really is a striking painting - acrylics on a sheet of 16"x20" canvas. She is starting at a penny, with no reserve for a ten-day auction ending on the evening of Saturday, February 2nd at 6:00PM Central Time.

Click HERE to see my new "Valentine Masquerade" ORIGINAL PAINTING

Next up are the Lt. Ed. Hand-Embellished CANVAS Prints - one you have NEVER seen before - "Hawaiian Volcano Fairy" - she was a privately commissioned custom painting, but the client was happy to let me offer prints to the public of her, so since the original is sold - this is the next best thing!. Also several of my other newer paintings are now available as these #01 prints of each edition, hand accented with acrylic paints on a canvas sheet. All are starting at a penny with no reserve for ten-day auctions ending on the evening of Saturday, February 2nd between 6:15-7:45 PM Central Time.

"Can't Sleep a Wink" (8x10" Lt. Ed.#01 CANVAS Print)

& "Hawaiian Volcano Fairy" (8x10" Lt. Ed.#01 CANVAS Print) - Never-Before-Seen!!!

& "Wings of Gold" (8x10" Lt. Ed.#01 CANVAS Print)

& "Bijou" (11x14" Lt. Ed.#01 CANVAS Print)

& "Dress of Storms" (11x14" Lt. Ed.#01 CANVAS Print)

& "Sleeping with Spiderwebs" (11x14" Lt. Ed.#01 CANVAS Print)

& "Night Jewel" (11x14" Lt. Ed.#01 CANVAS Print)

Again - feel free to bid on the above auctions as usual - they will not in any way be affected by my being out of town =) Also - hehe - feel free to PRE-ORDER MY NEW BOOK! "Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Portfolio Volume I" is available HERE. Since it ships in March - it DEFINITELY won't be affected by my being out of town!

And oh yes, I have a couple of new CAMEO necklaces HERE

And if anybody has any questions regarding orders or shipping times for existing orders - feel free to email me. All orders paid for before noon on Friday will be shipped out before I leave, all others paid or placed after that - those will ship after I get back home. Thank you all so much!


Until next time...

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