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New CAMEOS & 25% OFF everything eBay store SALE!

Hi everyone!

It's that time of year - the holidays are over- now it's time to buy stuff for yourself in the New Year! So, everything is now 25% off!!! Yes, EVERYTHING is on sale!

Also, I have made a bunch of new CAMEO necklaces, now available in my etsy store!

It's my "Everything-Is-25%-Off" SALE! My entire eBay store is 25% off. So - if you want it, go for it! This is a SHORT sale - the sale will end at the strike of midnight at the end of Tuesday night January 15th - 11:59PM Pacific Time. Yes - 25% off of EVERYTHING in my eBay store! Almost a thousand prints and original paintings - 25% off.

Do you have your eye on one of my framed original paintings? If you buy before the sale ends next Tuesday the 15th, you can save HUNDREDS of dollars, by taking advantage of the SALE price! Have you always wanted to see what my Hand Embellished Canvas Prints are like? This week only, you can buy as many as you like starting at only $75! Hundreds of open edition prints, all at sale prices. I do not know if or when I will do this again, so take advantage of it while you can - click below to visit my eBay store (use the navigation links on the left of the webpage to browse through the different categories, etc.):

Click HERE to see my eBay store, with everything on SALE!

eBay has automatically applied the 25% discount, so you just place orders as usual. This sale is for eBay store purchases only (not for bidding on actual standard auctions, items already on sale, or on etsy.com, or orders from strangeling.com , etc. - they are not affected as that would not make sense!). Be sure to buy before Tuesday the 15th - strike of midnight at 11:59PM Pacific Time - all prices will then magically go back to normal, and the sale will be over!

Next up - YES I HAVE NEW CAMEOS! Thank you all for your positive and overwhelmingly wonderful response regarding my cameo necklaces! Remember, these tend to SELL OUT almost immediately, sometimes before you can even press a few buttons, hehe, so if you want to get your hands on one, grab it if you can.

Since these are hand-made items, I am selling them through my etsy shop! Etsy is an online marketplace that features only handcrafted items, from the artists themselves. Not unlike eBay, but easier to buy things from and it does not use a "bidding/auction" system - you just buy what you want, immediately, and it is yours - no waiting around. Just like eBay, you can pay with Paypal, credit card, check or money order. It is very easy, hassle free, and of course free to sign up - in order to buy the cameo pendants you'll just have to do a quick register here:


It is quick, easy, doesn't require any thought, secure, no personal info needed, and takes less than a minute, so hop to it! You'll thank yourself - www.etsy.com is a fantastic place with thousands of arts & crafters. Don't worry - I'm not cutting down on eBay of course, hehe - this is just a little extra hobby I'm doing for fun and since it's craft-y, I'm using etsy instead of eBay. Whenever I feel like arts & crafts or other unusual products, you will see them in my etsy store, so sign up now ;)

To see ALL the cameos that have not yet sold, CLICK HERE!


Actually, you might want to "bookmark" or "favourite place" that link above - that is where I will periodically put up new cameos when I get a chance to make some more!

I apologize if any of these sell out before you get a chance, but don't worry - I'm sure I'll find the time to make some more soon. Again - you may want to "bookmark" or "favourite place" my etsy shop link above, so you can peek in occasionally to see what's new!

And remember, my eBay store 25% off sale ends Tuesday at midnight!

Back to painting I go! Hope everybody has a great weekend!
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