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New CUSTOM Fairy Painting, Zodiac Prints & Rubber Stamp Sets from Jasmine!

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year!

We had fun last night, Matt & I played Mario Party 8 a lot (my dad got me that for Christmas!!), and ate a lot of tasty food & drank champagne.

Now it's back to work =P

All orders placed & paid for while I was gone will be shipping out as soon as the Post Office opens tomorrow morning, yay!

Tonight I have one of my fun "Custom Painting" auctions, Zodiac prints of Pisces & Aquarius on SALE, and also a fun new product - a rubber stamper set!

First off is the new CUSTOM painting - these are SO much fun, both for me and for the customer! Basically I have a 9"x12" painting just started - the beginnings of a big eyed beautiful face and shoulders. The winner of this auction will get to tell me how to finish their painting! It is your painting - you can choose if she will be a fairy, an angel, a mermaid, a Halloween witch, an elf, a cute big eyed girl, etc. You can choose her clothing, her eye colour, her hair colour, her skintone, her hairstyle, and her makeup! If she is a fairy, you can tell me what type of wings to paint and what colour. If you want her to be a mermaid, you can tell me how you'd like her tail to look, hehe. These are a blast! She is up for sale on eBay - a seven day auction starting at ONE PENNY with no reserve (typically when commissioned normally, my custom paintings start at $2000, so you may get a bargain!)- ending on the evening of Tuesday, January 8th at 6:15 PM Central Time and you can see her here:


To see any other current original paintings of mine for sale, click HERE!

Next up are the SALE prints - these are my newest Zodiac pieces - Pisces and Aquarius - each available in the large and small sizes - each is on SALE!

To see ALL sale prints together, click HERE!

or individually, click below.....

"Pisces" 8x10" for $9.99 & "Aquarius" 8x10" for $9.99

"Pisces" 12x16" for $20 & "Aquarius" 12x16" for $20

And then finally - the rubber stamp company "Bunch Of Fun" has licensed several of my designs for their rubber stamp/stamper sets. These are WAY cool, I recently saw the samples and they are gorgeous. Each set comes with several stampers, ink, little greeting cards to stamp on, and little pencils to colour them in. Too neat!: I don't stock them myself (running out of room in my house, hehe) - but they are available at their website here:

Enjoy! I have some truly magnificent paintings and some other very exciting merchandise & book news coming soon, so be on the lookout! Happy New Year!
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