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Absinthe - a new big Triptych Wood Creation/Original Painting - and BYEBYE from Jasmine!

Hi everyone!

I have a beautiful, very special painting for you - another simply amazing collaboration between myself (the artist) and my husband Matt (the framer/woodcrafter) - a stunning Renaissance altarpiece-style wooden triptych! This is definitely one of my most magnificent creations to date, so you are in for another treat! I'm visiting my family in Kansas City for the holidays, but will be back home by New Year, and in plenty of time to ship this latest creation with no delay - so bid with confidence!

This almost looks like something you'd see in a Renaissance or Medieval art museum - much like an old altar piece. It is a "triptych" - which means that it is actually three paintings - actually I guess this is a polyptych - as it is technically FOUR paitings - divided by copper/patina painted mouldings/frames (I painted them myself!) - a sort of "4 in 1" type of piece. It is called "Absinthe" - (aka the Green Fairy) - a mysterious drink appreciated by artists for centuries - a brilliant green, haunting colour - I've incorporated the absinthe-green colour into all panels of this painting (four panels in all!). The center panel features the mysterious goth fairy creature, holding a bottle of absinthe - with painted art nouveau type designs. The left panel features a glass of absinthe and a green luna moth. The right panel features a painting of a tradional absinthe spoon. The bottom-most panel features a scrolling design with a grinning skull at its center, swimming in absinthe green. I am so happy I am able to start creating works like these, and by collaborating with my husband and his workshop, I truly have made my dream a reality. I am very proud of this painting. It really has to be seen in person to appreciate it! My husband Matty handcrafted the panel & frame out of wood! I then hand painted all of the copper & patina details on mouldings/framing myself - it is so cool! Yes the "frame" (attached to the panel to form the border & triptych is included!). It is READY TO HANG and is really stunning, finished with a glossy varnish. It is about 24" wide by 27" tall in the center - original acrylic painting on wood (lightweight, easy to hang, around .5" - 1" thick with the framing). She is up for a 10-day auction on eBay starting at just a penny with NO reserve - the auction will be ending on the afternoon/evening of Wednesday, January 2nd at 4:58 PM Central Time. Click below on the sneak preview picture to see the whole painting:


To see any other original paintings of mine currently available, click below:


Please note - while I'm out of town, most of my eBay store items (all 950 or so of them) are currently on "pause," but they will re-appear upon my return (around New Year). None of my other auctions will be affected as I will be home in time for them to end, so bid with confidence! All email correspondence will resume as well upon my return. Orders placed through www.strangeling.com can be placed as normal, but will be processed & shipped upon my return.

If anybody needs to contact me and it is an emergency, email me at my JasmineToad email address with "URGENT" in the subject line. I won't have much computer access while I'm away, but I will have my I-Phone and I can check my email a couple of times (kinda) on that.

See you Next Year!

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