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New OSWOA Little Original Painting & various Wizard of Oz (Dorothy, Toto, Witch) prints....

Hi everyone!

I've been a little quiet lately because my sister & her kids are staying with us here in Florida for a little vacation. We've been having a lot of fun! Just got back from Epcot today, we had lunch at the Biergarten and enjoyed all of the holiday things in the park. We also hit the Celebration "snowfall" tonight as well (we have fake snow that falls downtown here in Celebration, it's really made out of soap, but a lot of Florida kids haven't seen snow before, so it's pretty neat!).

I was able to squeeze in some painting time though - I have a new OSWOA™ sized painting (small 4"x6" original painting), the #01 canvas & the SALE prints for "Dorothy and Toto," and also a link to another beautiful quilted bag featuring my artwork from the lovely "My Scarlet Rose" line!

First the new original painting! She is called "Fairy Glitter" - a CUTE little 4"x6" original acrylic painting on a sheet of canvas. She's extra special, because in addition to my usual acrylics I have also incorporated some really pretty iridescent glitter. She turned out beautifully - kind of a wintry feel, sparkling in the sun. She is an OSWOA™ sized piece - OSWOA™ is a term used for standard 4"x6" sized original artworks (if you search OSWOA up at eBay you'll find lots of great small original pieces of artwork, great to collect). She is up for sale on eBay - a seven day auction ending on the evening of Sunday, December 9th at 7:34 PM CENTRAL TIME and you can see her here:

Click HERE to see my "Fairy Glitter" ORIGINAL OSWOA PAINTING

Next up - Wizard of Oz prints!!! "Dorothy and Toto" prints are now for sale. First I have the #01 Limited Edition Hand Embellished CANVAS Print of "Dorothy and Toto" - it is about 11"x14" - printed on a sheet of canvas, which I have then hand embellished with acrylic paints, signed and numbered - this being the FIRST print of the edition. You can see it below - up for a 7 day auction starting at just one penny - ending on the evening of Sunday, December 9th at 7:30 PM Central Time:

"Dorothy and Toto" #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS Print

I also have "Dorothy and Toto" available as one of this week's SALE prints!

"Dorothy and Toto" 8x10 SALE PRINT $9.99

and "Dorothy and Toto" 12x16 SALE PRINT $20

Continuing with the Wizard of Oz theme, I also went ahead and put my first Wizard of Oz piece - "Wicked Witch and her Flying Monkey" also on SALE!

"Wicked Witch and her Flying Monkey" 8x10 SALE PRINT $9.99

And then finally, Erin from "My Scarlet Rose" has made a new quilted handbag featuring my artwork - her bags are stunning - check out her new creation featuring my "Licorice Fairy" below:

Lovely Licorice Fairy bag!

I'd better run! The kids are playing with some new toys, and it looks fun, hehe. Eleanor & Theodore are so cute, they're two of my best friends =)
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