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New Fairy & Rottweiler DOG RESCUE Original painting & Prints!

Hi everyone!

I have a very special new painting tonight, a fairy with a Rottweiler dog - one I painted specifically for a VERY good cause - the sale of which (original, prints & canvas prints) 100% of the proceeds will be going to. In addition to the original, the prints AND canvas prints are now available & on SALE!

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My kind-hearted step-sister Sonya (also an artist!) rescued a poor Rottweiler pup earlier this year, named "Mokey". Mokey came from the animal shelter, starting off in a bad way, catching & surviving kennel cough, but she finally pulled through and was rescued by Sonya. Mokey is a very good, cheerful doggie - such a sweetie, very thankful for her new life! Unfortunately Mokey has now been diagnosed with very severe hip dysplasia. Her only chance is a prosthetic hip joint which will replace her upper leg and left hip. She's been cleared by the local university as being an excellent candidate for the surgery, but unfortunately it is very very expensive. Once she gets it though, she will be set for life! Mokey has been through so much in her short life, we really want her to be happy and healthy, so Sonya and her family (and mine!) are all doing what we can to raise the funds needed. They're having yard sales, etc. up in Kansas City, but since I couldn't be there, I'm doing my part by painting this special painting - "Fairy with a Rottweiler" - 100% of the proceeds of this painting (every single penny) and the subsequent print sales will go straight to Mokey's surgery. "Fairy with a Rottweiler" is a 12"x16" painting (acrylic on a sheet of canvas) and is up for sale on eBay - a seven day auction starting at ONE PENNY with no reserve - ending on the evening of Thursday, November 15th at 7:45 PM CENTRAL TIME and you can see her here, click on the sneak preview pic below to see the whole painting:

Click HERE to see my new "Fairy with a Rottweiler" ORIGINAL PAINTING

I'm also releasing the Limited Edition Hand Embellished CANVAS Prints of "Fairy with a Rottweiler" - 100% of the proceeds go to Mokey's surgery with these as well. I'll probably auction off the #01 print later, but the other numbers are available right now - each is about 11"x14" - printed on a sheet of canvas, which I have then hand embellished with acrylic paints, signed and numbered. You can see them below:

Click HERE for my"Fairy with a Rottweiler" Lt. Ed. CANVAS Prints!

I also have "Fairy with a Rottweiler" available as one of this week as SALE prints! Again, even with these prints, 100% of the proceeds are going to Mokey's surgery fund.

"Fairy with a Rottweiler" 8x10 SALE PRINT $10

"Fairy with a Rottweiler" 12x16 SALE PRINT $20

Every little bit, even just a single print, can help a lot - and you get a piece of lovely fairy & doggie artwork in the bargain, hehe. Thank you all so much!
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