Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Back home! And a new Mermaid, & SALE prints....

We're back home from Kansas City!

A short trip, but we got to see everybody, which is good =) And we got to squeeze in a birthday party for my nephew Theodore, which is also good =) I miss everybody a lot already. But I'll be up at Christmas, not too long....

We actually got back yesterday but the cable line to Celebration got CUT somehow and our internet has been out until just a couple of hours ago, eek =P Which is particularly awful since we had so many emails/orders to catch up on. But we're getting everything together now and orders shipping out tomorrow morning, so that's a relief. I feel so crazy when I don't have the internet at hand! I forget about how much I rely on it.

Let me see - I have a brand new original painting to show you, and it is of a CUTE little mermaid. And she is FRAMED! Also, several of my most recent paintings are on sale as well!

"Sweet Little Mermaid" - she is a CUTIE - a big-eyed mermaid with some tropical fish friends. She is FRAMED and READY-TO-HANG on your wall! She is on a canvas panel measuring 8x10" in a special frame with an oval cutout - almost like looking through a golden porthole into the tropical sea - with a thick, beautiful ornate gold-leafed solid wood frame measuring 13.5"x15.5", and would be the perfect addition to any room. She is up for sale in my eBay store and you can see her here:

Click HERE to see my new "Sweet Little Mermaid" ORIGINAL PAINTING!

Next up are the SALE PRINTS "Bleak Mourning," "Magnificent Wings," "Autumn Wolf Maiden," and "Pink Ribbon Fairy" now available and on SALE!

"Bleak Mourning" 8x10 SALE PRINT $10 & "Bleak Mourning" 12x16 SALE PRINT $20

"Magnificent Wings" 8x10 SALE PRINT $10 & "Magnificent Wings" 12x16 SALE PRINT $20

"Autumn Wolf Maiden" 8x10 SALE PRINT $10 & "Autumn Wolf Maiden" 12x16 SALE PRINT $20

"Pink Ribbon Fairy" 8x10 SALE PRINT $10 & "Pink Ribbon Fairy" 12x16 SALE PRINT $20

All righty - I'd better hurry up and go catch up on some more stuff. I can't believe how far behind we get even when we're just gone a couple of days =P

Enjoy the new art!
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