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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New Original Halloween Painting & FaerieCon update.....

Hi everyone!

This is my last post before we leave for FaerieCon - we're getting ready to start loading everything up. This is just a quick notice about a brand new original Halloween painting (on wood!) I just finished, and some last minute FaerieCon info!

The new painting is called "Little Witch Wood #2" - the second in my Little Witch Woods series (I painted #1 last Halloween!). It is an actual original painting on a beautiful 1" thick, oval slice of actual Basswood - complete with the original bark and lichen on it! (It is an environmentally-conscious selected wood, no worries there!). It was sanded very smoothly prior to painting, and has been painted directly on the wood and I have finished the piece with a glossy varnish and it looks amazing! No framing is needed - I will include a sawtooth hanger and screws for easy hanging! It is about 6"x9" and features a very cute Halloween witch in front of a moon, with a bunch of juicy orange pumpkins, and is ADORABLE. She would make for a perfect Halloween decoration or (if you are like me!) a perfect YEAR ROUND decoration, hehe! She is up for a 10-day auction on eBay starting at just a penny with NO reserve - the auction will be ending on the evening of Wednesday, October 17th at 5:33 PM Central Time. Again - I will be home in time to ship her out promptly, so there should be no delay - feel free to bid as usual! Click below to see her (on the sneak preview pic - to see the FULL painting!):

Click HERE To see my "Little Witch Wood #2" - ORIGINAL PAINTING ON WOOD

You may notice that my eBay store is "on pause" while I'm gone at FaerieCon. The store/fixed price listings have temporarily diasppeared, but they will reappear when I get home, no worries. The original painting & canvas print auctions are up and running as usual though - they will work just like they normally do, feel free to bid as usual, there will be no delays since they don't end until I'm back here at home. My website is up and running as usual - feel free to order there as well, there will only be a slight delay as I will ship when I get back home on the 16th of October. We're getting everything ready for FaerieCon, and will be leaving for Philadelphia shortly! At FaerieCon I will be in a huge booth, all to myself & my artwork - I have some brand new never-before-seen original paintings, thousands of prints, new merchandise, statues, etc - it'll be awesome! I'm in booth spaces #1616 through #1618 - come & see me! Brian & Wendy Froud are going to be there, so will Jessica Galbreth, Kinuko Craft, Donato Giancola, Charles Vess, Holly Black (she created Spiderwick!!), Linda Ravenscroft, Josephine Wall, and countless others. They're having midnight movies, masquerade balls, concerts & more. It goes through October 12th, 13th & 14th! It will be phenonmenal! For more info about FaerieCon and how to get there (very convenient - the center of Philadelphia - close to Washington DC, New Jersey, New York, etc. - lots of hotels nearby too) - click below:


I will have little to no internet access when I am gone, so please forgive any delays in email responses, etc. All outstanding orders that have already been paid for will be shipping out before I leave - all others & new orders will ship out after I get back home on the 16th. Thank you all so much, enjoy the new art - and I hope I'll see you at FaerieCon!!!
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